October 11th, 2005

Abby Smirk

Hi Hi everyone!

Well, this week should be another trivia/scavanger hunt contest, but I've decided to switch the weeks up, because I'm all good like that. ^_~

This week is the text contest...and I'm really hoping that you all will enjoy it.
Now...we always like to extend our love out to those that are non-offical types, just because the officials get enough praise to begin with.
This however...is going to change all that.

Your task...should you choose to accept it is to write a rumor drabble. A rumor drabble about one of the officials. Now, this should be in story form, not something that you would submit to the Quibbler as a news article. You are to take one official from any house other then your own (because why would you want to start rumors about your own lovely housemates?) and create the most rediculous rumor story you can. DO NOT...and I repeat DO NOT make these hateful in anyway. These should be funny. If anything hateful or spiteful comes to my attention, the drabble will not be included in the voting, and it will be up to the officials if you even receive participation points for it.

While I know that a drabble is supposed to be 100 words...100 words will be the minimum. Your max word count should not go over 200.

You have until October 15th at midnight EST to get the drabble in as a comment.

DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN WITH YOUR HOUSE. Be it icon, sigtag, or just written...you will not get points if you do not sign with your house!

hail to the light
  • shayuko

October debate topic!

As some of you may have seen on the calendar, tomorrow's debate time again! And the topic for the October debate will be....

Draco Malfoy, selfish brat or victim of his environment? Good or evil? (or you know.. something else?)

Yep yep, we know you've allll been waiting for this subject! And as a special treat for this month, there will be no sides. You are free to debate any opinion you might have on this subject.

Debate will start tomorrow at 2PM EST, be prepared! And let's break the Hagrid-record, ey? ^_^

♥ Meli & Marije