September 27th, 2005

Pride & Prejudice // Darcy is Happy!


I asked Kristi to let me post this on her behalf.

I know it was less than a month ago when this was last mentioned in the community, but guys? Can we make sure that when we're sorting people, we're setting a good example for the community? I've visited two of the four applications today, and both had some comment in there that I couldn't agree with. We're not those other communities, guys. We don't have to be mean to people - in fact, we're the nice guys, so it should be the other way around.

I know that seeing short applications is frustrating. As we requested earlier this month, tell them No Vote, then tell them what you'd like to see. Saying "No Vote" and a snarky comment does NOT cut it. It's not nice, it's not neccessary, and it needs to stop.

Also, yes, sometimes people might housebash in their application. If they've got the good meaning to go and remove it when people say something and the realise their fault, please do not harp on it. Especially if you're sorting well after the comment has been removed. Again - unneccessary. We all know that the comments get read better than the application when someone goes to sort. They're going to see what you said, and there's a good chance that they'll sort negatively because of it.

If you've got any questions, just ask us.