September 6th, 2005

DoC::Pirate Ship

Attention Gryffindors!

I've already posted this in the common room, but I want to make sure that it reaches all of you.

If you are in Gryffindor--please make sure that you are on the student list HERE. If you are not, you should let me know, and also leave a comment at the list to let Kristi know. Some people were removed in the past after clean-out polls and whatnot. I'm making this announcement in case some of you were acidentally removed.

Thanks bunches. :)

Destiny//Gryffindor Prefect

Remus is Metal

Daily Prophet

Hello all. This is Rachel, one of your Daily Prophet editors.

Now, the role of an editor is to decide what goes into the paper. Sounds like an interesting job, doesn't it?

Here's the problem. We need news to put out. Elsewise, the whole enterprise shuts down. We would like to put out at least a weekly Prophet. Unfortunately-we have next to nothing.

So. Here's what we want from you.

If you have a character in NP: we'd like an update as to what you've been up to.
If you run any sort of contest: we'd like the results. Even if it's just a link to the post about the winners.
If you enjoy surfing the web: we'd like any news about the books or movies.

All of these will earn you house points. So c'mon-there's only so many pencils we can sharpen before we start throwing them.

Thank you.

notebook icecream

HiH Quibbler

So you've heard about the Prophet. But the Prophet is NEWS, and everyone knows you need a little gossip now and again to keep the spice going. The hihquibbler, your one stop spot for rumours of all HP and HiH varieties is releasing its first edition on September 13th!

This means you only have ONE MORE WEEK to get in any rumours! Each rumour will earn your house 3 points.

We are currently looking for:

Harry Potter Book rumours
Harry Potter Movie rumours (including rumours about actors)
Now Playing rumours
HiH Activity/Contest rumours
HiH Participant Rumours

A Harry Potter Book rumour could be: Ron is going to die according to (insert theory) linked here. A Harry Potter Book rumour is NOT: Ron loves Hermione. No matter how much he does. And no matter how much she loves him right back. Moving on.

Remember, deadline for the first edition is SEPTEMBER 13.

intotheheart and weemumlessmngrl