September 3rd, 2005

hp Sevvy pushes people

I'm being looked for?

weemumlessmngrl texted me tonight, telling me that my friend Sara, aka nocturnacyanide from (not sure if she is the same person who is nocturnacyanide but could very well be...) was looking for me somewhere at HiH because she was worried about me after Katrina.

I'm sorry I'm posting this here, and once I find Sara, I'll delete it if you want... but in the earnest hope that she does read this, I'm okay and safe at home, with electricity and a generally low amount of food rations, but doing just great at the moment.

So, Sara, if you see this... um... I'm here. And I know you were trying to get ahold of me.

AIM is takarakanashi, still.
Emails are, and

Also, if someone could direct me to Sara's post/comment, that would be appreciated. :D