August 30th, 2005

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Clubs Activities

This month hh_clubs is starting up a new club -- The Photography Club! We're very excited about this option, and encourage all to apply to head up the club here. Due Date: Sept. 10

Suggest literature along the themes "Fresh Starts" and "Toying with Time" here for the Restricted Section. Due Date: Sept. 5

Defend a belief with SPEW's new graphic contest here. Due Date: Sept. 2

Discuss Big Name Labels vs. Independant Music at the Music Club here Due Date: Sept. 2

Delve into the wonderful world of Dumbledore's socks with the Art Club's newest challenge here. Due Date: Sept. 2

Learn about the milk thistle (although so many of our members recognized its qualities!) with the Herbology Clubs' Herbafind Results here.

See the results of the Dueling Club's August Activity here.

Happy Clubbing Everyone! <3