August 9th, 2005

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I've been wondering whether there are any fellow Circle K'ers in this lovely community. If yes, are any of you attending ICON this week? I'm going and I'm so excited! I'm in the Michigan you should check out the block party that we're cohosting with Wisconsin-Upper Michigan and Pennsylvania!

For any of you who may not know, Circle K is the college level of Kiwanis. It's one of the largest collegiate service organizations. And it's awesome!

I really hope it's not against the rules to post this...:)

tvd; game on.
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Hello! I just recieved news from funn_bunn_86 that hp_immobulus, which is an icontest for the actors and actresses of Harry Potter, will be a part of HIH! The icontest just opened, so feel free to start participating. If you participate, you earn 10 points and if you win, you earn 20 points!

I hope I see you guys participating! The first challenge is up right now, so go enter!

Jamie // Hufflepuff
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