July 24th, 2005

  • xxreed

A Hogwarts's Math Lesson

Chatting on MSN with the amazingly talented beanpop I brought something up that I had read in an interview from J.K.Rowling.

"J.K.Rowling said there are fourty children in Harry's year, so. There are four Houses, and two dormitories in each house. So, that would mean how many boys and girls in each room?" (Me)

Of course, we were completely clueless. And in another conversation my friend Mary said "5," which I found was a sutiable answer if it was just Harry's year. And of course, if where I read this was correct there are 600 students at Hogwarts. And then we have four houses, with two dormitories. And you have your first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seven years. Now there would be a group of boys and girls, and since with Harry's class only it'd be five boys and five girls to each room, and then you add on the other years. But, seven would stand out with Harry's upcoming year so five times seven if thirty-five, so thirty-five.

Thirty-five boys, and thirty five girls. Per house, so 70. And 70 times 4 would be 280. So-- I guess 280 per dorm. Which I guess that'd be 560.

Argh, Karen (beanpop) and I have gotten confused somewhere, so err. Check this for edits! XD Really, forgive us if it's totally wrong. But you can't say we tried? Just people:: Never do math at 4:50 AM.