July 23rd, 2005

Detective Superhot
  • laynie

Hogwarts Castle Cake!

So last Sunday after my sister and I finished reading Harry Potter...we got reeeeeally bored and decided to build a cake of Hogwarts castle. It took tons of icing and lots of cake and 3 1/2 hours...but I thought I'd share the pictures with you guys. (Cause who else would appreciate this?)

The castle is green because the cover of HBP is green. (And cause we didn't have any chocolate frosting or dark food coloring.) And it's a replica of the great hall (complete with the rocky cliffs...made out of pudding).

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Hope you at least got a giggle out of this. We did.

Brooke // Gryffindor
Pride & Prejudice // Darcy is Happy!


We will be having our monthly debate sometime this weekend. Because of some technical issues with the topic, we are *hoping* to have our traditional 24 hours Till post up tomorrow, hopefully by the evening. The reason why might be revealed as soon as the morning.

So, sit tight.. I'm projecting that the debate will be up on Monday!

Thanks for your patience. :)