July 14th, 2005


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Attention House Blanket's buyers.

i hate to tell those of you in Ravenclaw who asked for book colors this, but after looking at every place in my town that sells yarn, i have yet to find any bronze. everything is either too yellow or too brown. it's pathetic, really...

so, if you all still want one and don't mind the use of movie colors, then i'll be glad to continue with your order. if not, please tell me now.

sorry guys/gals. i really am...
ZOMG James Storm

A heads up....

For anyone here who is a member of hogwarts_grads


Someone posted a spoiler in the comm, with no lj-cut. And of course the mod of that comm is away and won't be around to handle the situation, even though the mod said no spoilers.

When I posted about how pissed I was in my personal lj, jupluna said it was a hoax, but the person who made the post in hogwarts_grads said it was real in the comments.

I just wanted to let everyone in here who MIGHT be a member of the comm to remove it from their freinds page before they get the moment ruined like I did. :(