June 29th, 2005


Chaser Love!



A community that revolves around HiH's finest, the Quiddicth Chasers! This is a moderated membership, so you can only be a) a member at HiH and b) a current, former, new quiddicth chaser. But I think we can make an exception to our lufly coaches intotheheart and autre, oh and we must not forget the oh so fabulous Bunny, our wonderful Mod!

Well the community is made up of the Chasers from all 4 houses. This will be a community for advice, support, and FUN! We shall put our house differences aside! So please come and join, if you are in fact a current/former chaser.


aurora_borialis, 'Puff Chaser & takarakanashi, 'Claw Chaser (aka Aurora and Amber, Mods of hihchaser_love)

P.S. Anyone that would like to lend us a hand in graphic making? Any takers? please, please!

P.S.S. Bunny, can we be added to the HiH Sister communities now? Btw, thank you so much for letting us make it! *loves*