March 7th, 2005

Motoko by: me

Hi all!

Kinda feeling a bit out of it so I'm going to announce this now instead of when I go home. This is the text contest for March.

I know you've all probably been wondering what it was about since I had the prefects and co-prefects give you a heads up that you would need a partner. So let me get into the general partner rules before I give out the finer details.

You may partner with anyone you wish (in house or out of house, you will both get the same number of points and knuts so that doesn't matter.) You may NOT seek help from other people, meaning you can not look to other people to beta your work...that will be your partners job and vise versa. Partnered groups must only be two people. The only way to change this is if I find that no one else is willing or able to be partners with you. If this is the case contact me BEFORE you partner yourself up with another group. You MUST have my permission to do this. Remember that this is partially being done for increased participation...but also for inter house please don't be afraid to ask someone out of house for help.

Now...onto the actual rules for this text contest.

You two are to come up with a new ending for the first book. It can be any tone what so ever but it MUST still have a cannon backing to it (no all of a sudden making Harry and Draco madly in love with each other). It must be at least 3 pages long but no longer then 5 (if its a group of three you MUST have at least 4 pages and no more then 5). Font is Times size 12 no bigger and no smaller. You must work together in planning, writting, and editing the work. No outside beta readers allowed. Instead of the normal week I'm giving you 3 weeks to get this part done. That's essentially one week per page of this contest.

Remember you can have anything happen...but stay cannon and remember that other people will vote on these so you might not want to be poor little Harry. (Though I will laugh at older students doing hazing rituals on the first years. XD)

You have until March 28th (a Monday) to get this in to me. I will not check it over, and I will not make changes for make sure its exactly what you want it to be BEFORE submitting it.

To submit...I want ALL people involved to enter it under their own names. This is to ensure that yes you have a partner and yes they are a member here. DO NOT BE SURPRISED IF THEY SUDDENLY GET DELETED!!! I will be keeping a file of them for easier poll preparation later. If only one of you submits it...BOTH will lose their points. I will NOT make exeptions.

Also PUT YOUR HOUSE NAME IN THE COMMENT. Someone lost knuts and points last contest because they didn't do this...and it was written in bold in the rules.

Also...officials are allowed to participate...but the same rules apply to you all.

Almost done...if you happen to advertise looking for a partner...DELETE the entry as soon as you find one. I know its going to happen...but please keep it down to a minimum and don't clutter the comm too much with them. That's why I'm asking you to delete the post after you find a partner...PLEASE DON'T FORGET!!!!

Juppy of Slytherin
Contest Leader
Mayor of Hogsmeade

EDIT!!!!! As was brought to my attention...the 3 pages are meant to be single lined spaced...if you naturally double space your writing work then you must double the amount of pages you hand into me. So if you double space your lines its 6 pages minimum and 10 pages maximum...which comes out to the exact same amount anyway.