March 5th, 2005

I Am Not That Girl

HP Zodiac

Ok so lots of people on my flist are into LotR and they made a sort of zodiac to celebrate the actors. My friend and I decided to start the same for HP. All you would do is post fun things, like pictures or quotes or whatever you like, about each character (I decided to celebrate teh characters of HP rather than the actors). When its the month of your birhtday or your favorite character you can make a big fuss and post things and have fun with it. We started it last month, but I was the only one really posting and by myself I lasted about 10 days(no love for poor Neville). I was about to delete the calendar from my info page when I decided to put it to the community if you guys wanted to do this. I think this could be really fun! Here is the calendar:

The HP Months
January- Minerva McGonagall
February- Neville Longbottom
March- Rubeus Hagrid
April- Fred and George Weasley
May- Oliver Wood
June - Sirius Black
July- Harry Potter
August - Ron Weasley
September- Hermione Granger
October- Remus Lupin
November- Severus Snape
December- Albus Dumbledore

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Icon Query

Hello, all! I was wondering if there was a specified place to put pre-made HP House Icons? Because the icon communities for our community are only for contests, and I have a few ones that I think the community would enjoy. I posted them yesterday but I noticed they were erased, and I've seen some icons posted here before, so I was just wondering if maybe there was a rule I misread or something. If someone could please give me a heads-up it would be greatly appreciated! Thank you. :-]

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