January 25th, 2005

Phantom (Take Flight)

JK Rowling gives birth to third child!

According to JKRowling.com, on Sunday our favorite author (JK Rowling, of course) gave birth to her third child, Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray. A spokesperson for her publisher, Bloomsbury, says both daughter and mother are in good condition. According to the update on her official site, Rowling seems to be in good spirits. Rowling also says in the update that she and her husband are delighted, and that her new daughter is "ridiculously beautiful."

Congratulations to both the delightful JK Rowling and husband!

For more info, click here for JKRowling.com and visit the news section for Ms. Rowling's official update. Text only version of the official story is available here.

LJ Cutting Applications

If the applications at platform_934 are screened before we see them, they should not get through if they are not under a LJ cut. The front page is clear that they need to be under a cut, so we should expect that of them. It's basic internet courtesy and it doesn't ask a lot of applicants to do this simple thing.

That's my humble.

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Friendly reminder to all Gryffindors...

Contest entries are due this Thursday, get them in!

Co-Prefect applications are due this Saturday, get those in also!

The posts are in the common room, along with the general explanation. Any questions about the Co-Prefect apps can be directed to me, Nika, or Bunny; any questions about the contest can be directed to me.

Friendly reminder to all Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws...

The Order applications are due Friday, check the post here!

Any questions can be directed to me or Bunny (or Nika, but I'm not sure if she knows much about it =/)... feel free to yell for me here or even at my journal.

Some Questions.

I know everything has been chaotic with people's computers being down, butI have 2 questions for our mods.
1) Hogsmeade Weekend Banner for January hasn't been posted yet, is the technical difficulties affecting the posting of that banner?
2)Are Quidditch matches still being played? I haven't seen anything posted about the matches all month and I know there was supposed to be a game this month.


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Hello Again!

Ok..so computer problems are still the norm in my house...still hoping to get that fixed for next weekend. -_-; I can't believe my birthday falls on Superbowl Sunday...that so sucks.


Thursday I'll have access to a computer (the only good thing about school) so I'll finally be able to post the January Hogsmeade banner at least. I'll also get the voting post done in the official's community so at least I'll be able to post winners by Feb 7th and not just be posting them into the officals room at that point.


The application for Deputy Mayor of Hogsmeade can be found HERE. I have only two applicants thus far and I want more!!!! ^_^;

I believe that's all for now. If anyone has any questions comments will be checked on Thursday when I can actually open them or I can be reached at GoddessJuppy on AIM.