January 5th, 2005

Phantom (Take Flight)

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Hello fellow members of Hogwarts is Home.

As many of you do, I usually try and vote on as many applications at platform_934 as I can, but I've recently noticed a growing trend I thought I might bring to everyone's attention for consideration. If you don't agree with me, so be it. I'm not at all trying to create problems.

If you don't have time to read all of this, my main thoughts are in bold.

First off, I guess I should explain what I've noticed that is a bit disheartening. When I read apps, I also read the comments of current members and what they say about the app. The astonishing trend I've been seeing is basing a vote on one simple trait.

I've noticed that because a lot of members have been voting those I (as well as quite a few other Slytherins I've talked to) would never consider Slytherin. Now, I'm not saying Slytherins are the only one with this problem, because that isn't at all it. I've witnessed that it seems extend into all off the houses.

At any rate, many members are voting apps to be Slytherin simply because the applicant is sarcastic or makes a snide remark here or there. I'd like to remind that the Weasley twins (and Ron, for that matter) were quite sarcastic, but they were also out-going, adventurous, and supportive people. Therefore, sarcasm didn't automatically qualify them for Slytherin. They were about the exact opposite of Slytherin. Nor does being incredibly intelligent and studious qualify Hermoine as Ravenclaw. She was voted Gryffindor for her stamina in tight and unpredictable situations, her originality, personal balance, and strong will and well-balanced mind.

Many of the houses share traits. For example, all of the houses could be considered driven. While they are all driven, they are all driven for different reasons and different outcomes. The houses are intentionally unique, as the founders of those houses were. Every human has a few traits in common with other humans, but that doesn't mean they enjoy the same things, react the same way in a situation, have the same morals, get along, etc, etc. So simply put, one trait cannot truly qualify what someone is. It seems logical (to me, at least) to take into account as many traits of the applicant as possible. This would seem to be the best way to have well rounded votes and houses of the truest nature.

Also, don't be afraid to vote something different than what the past seven votes have been. Your vote can make the difference on an application, so it's definitely fair to just be honest with what you think people are, and if it's different than what everyone else has put, you shouldn't disregard what you truly feel the applicant is. It is only fair to the applicants to be honest, even if it means going against the crowd.

I just wanted to advocate sincerely thought-driven voting. I'm not trying to pursuade any of you to change what you think the traits of each house are. Your opinion is your opinion, nor should it be any other way. My main objective for this post was just to provide reasoning that voting will be more effective if it consists of taking into account all that you can and that you are casting your vote for the right reasons.

Edit: Also, as mentioned by tangerinesidhe, don't be afraid to cast Muggle votes, either. No need to overdo it, but muggle votes should be used when necessary. Usually, muggle votes evolve because the person is careless and doesn't take the time or effort to fill out the app properly or carefully. It would seem fair that if they don't have the time or effort for us, we needn't have the time or effort for them.

Thanks for reading. Just had a few thoughts I figured might be beneficial to share.