December 30th, 2004


OK, This is the final Post for yearbook, (this term) I know some of you are happy about this.  Ok, For those who are new... This is what is going on.  I'm Lori, the House yearbook editor, *waves*  Now, since most of the house knows how unpleasent I can be, I'm going to explain the deal.  I am requesting that you submit a picture(real life, no avatars or dollies please) along with your First name and your lj name.  I ask that you please place the house name in the subject line.  Now picture size.  At least 180 PIXELS in width by 250 in height. If you don't have a picture editing program on your computer, the editors will crop it so that it fits. 
Now you may ask do I have to do this.  the answer is no, if you don't feel comfortable with having your face and first name placed on the HIH website, then you don't have to. This is completely voluntary, although we do encourage you to.  Should you feel like you would like your face but not your first name, then in the body of the email, state that you would prefer not to have your first name used. We will then use your lj name.  If we, the yearbook staff, do not receive any picture from you, by JANUARY 5TH, 2005, then we will insert a 'No Photo Available' and go from there. 
Any questions can be placed below,  all emails should be directed to or

Thank You, and Happy New Year.

Lori~ Gryffindor Yearbook Editor.

Please delete if this is not the space for these questions...

...actually it would be even cooler if someone would direct me to an appropriate place for questions such as:

-I was sorted Gryffindor under a different lj account. My cousin has given me her paid account; so, I now have a new account. How do I go about changing my info so that I may get involved in my house activities (under this account)? Is that even possible (or do I need to re-apply?)

-I love the student body cards. How do I go about making one?

I've looked through the user-info and rules, and I'm still unable to find an appropriate place for odd questions such as these. Answers/help/suggestions would be so appreciated. I'm feeling a bit lost. Thanks so much!

'Lexi (Alexa), Gryffindor