December 13th, 2004

Rachel the Ravenclaw

RPG Comm?

Hey all-

I'm one of the Ravenclaw Rachels.

Earlier, shecrows posted a query about a writers community for HiH. I made a comment about thinking about an RPG community for here.

We both got a pretty good reaction. I just wanted to outline what my idea for the RPG comm would be, and get a bit of feedback as I try to plan out how this would be feasible. I've run RPGS before, but I've never had to build on as solid a pre-existing base as we have here.

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That's what I've got right now. Apologies for any major spelling errors-it's four in the morning and I haven't really slept as much as I'd like to have this weekend.

So? Comments, questions, necessary clarifications?
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Rachel the Ravenclaw


Hey all again-

The RPG journal is up. We aren't started, due to the fact that rules aren't codified and up yet. I ended classes today though, so I'll work on that tomorrow.

For now, I'd just like people who are interested in joining to, well, join. I'm curious as to around how many people we're starting with.


BRIDE OF ETA: Right, I just added in almost twenty people. I'll be out and busy for most of tomorrow at an anime marathon, though I will be bringing a printout I made of all the ideas for the RPG to work on during breaks and so on. I've added unwoundfantasy as a mod, so Bunny, you can add people in who request membership if you'd like.

Please, please, please comment to the intro post if you intend to be playing. When developing the first few storylines, I need to know how many are going to be involved. House numbers may also end up being a factor, so don't forget to add that in.

Thanks again guys! (And again I'm posting in the wee hours of the morning. Methinks I've been bitten by a muse of some sort. Sheesh, anyone have some Muse-Off? ^_~)

Rachel, Ravenclaw