December 10th, 2004

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  • jupluna

List oh list...

Hello students...
I come bearing the list of gift exchange participants. Under the cut you will find your LJ name and a list of 5 catagories. These are the catagories that someone else chose. (If you see your own catagories...don't start telling people they're working on your icon...this is supposed to be secret) You can choose one of the catagories and make an icon from it. Some people were more specifit with their requests then others, but don't think you need to be THAT specific with something. It is a gift...and as such should be done as you see fit. Also...these are all chosen randomly...

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A post will be made in Hogsmeade on Saturday night allowing you to start posting your finished icons. You have until Sunday 12 midnight EST to have them in by or as close after that as possible.

For those that don't know...Hogsmeade will be open looking at the The time for its opening is 3pm EST. Friday will be mostly general milling around...but by Friday night (probably rather late) I will be posting the first of the contests so watch for that. ^_^ There are a lot of things planned this weekend so I hope everyone has fun. I'll be in and out throughout...making sure everyone is behaving themselves. I may be the Mayor of the greatest town on earth (that might be going a little oveboard but I think not) but I am also the Auror of Hogwarts and don't want to see anyone getting into any trouble.

Also for those of you interested...I will be posting the dates of all the Hogsmeade weekends for next it is only fair to warn you in advance. ^_~