December 8th, 2004

Attention MODS

Hello to our wonderful leaders.   I know you all are busy but you are still a part of this community and therefore subject to the yearbook.  Please email a wallet size photo to either one of the HIH yearbook email accounts with MOD in the subject line.  RL name and LJ name should be emailed with the picture.  And because I know alot of you have other communities I'm giving you the same amount of time as the regular students to get your pictures in to us.  You have until Jan 5, before I start going irate, ok?  Any questions comment or email me at my personal email addy, also listed below.  Thanks or which ever is easiest for you. if you have any questions.



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Slytherin In-House Contest

Hello Slytherins :)
This is your Prefect again, this time spamming your friendslist to inform you that there is a In-House Contest going on right now. (LINK)

The topic is 'Legends revolving around certain places/persons/etc' - your creativity is asked!

I'd be glad if you all participated :D

Amelie - Sleep


Since our lovely Slytherin prefect/resident co-mod has done so, I would like to remind all GRYFFINDORS that there is an In-House Contest going on right now, right here.

For all of you who voted for debates, this is a trial run, so if you want them to stay, you need to participate! The subject is Dolores Umbridge, so it shouldn't be that hard!

Also, remember to get those things in, please. They should be due by Sunday, so that I can start putting everything together.

Please and thanks!

- Caitlyn