November 28th, 2004

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Hey guys! A couple of things...

If you've been delaying applying for Quidditch because you've had a lot of work, etc. tomorrow is the last day Captains will be accepting your applications. If you haven't heard, we're also offering 10 points and 5 knuts (to be spent at hh_diagon when it's up and running in the new year.) So please just take a little time and apply in your common rooms :)

Also, I've seen a lot of this going on at platform_934, and I'm not sure if the policy extended from hogwartshouses, but you ONLY Muggle someone if they are REALLY really trying to get into a certain house (like they mention bravery every sentence, or say they'd like to kill all muggles and take over the world), NOT if they didn't explain their answers enough. We Muggle big fat liars, not the inarticulate :) (Otherwise Ron would've been a muggle since he couldn't explain to Hermione he was upset at Yule Ball because he loooveess her. hahaha. *hides from H/Hr shippers*)
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Slytherin House Community Clean Out - List of Deleted Members

If you find yourself on the list but are a member of hogwartsishome, please tell me and I'll re-add you to the member-list asap. :) Same goes for people who haven't yet joined hogwartsishome, but were members of hogwartshouses - the lists of the old members have been saved so you can re-join without having to post an application again.
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I hope funn_bunn_83Bunny is okay with me posting an entry about this (if not, simply delete it ^^; ), but I feel that some applications aren't getting the number of votes they deserve :)

I understand that people won't vote on applications where the answers aren't long enough - but there are some perfectly fine applications that still need some votes :)

If you have some spare time or suffer from boredom or just feel like voting, go and have a look at these ( older: 1, 2, 3, and newest: 1, 2) applications, won't you? <3


OK Listen up everyone!

As stated on,s omthing or another about the realeas date. Im as excited about the book as you guys are, but that’s a lie, unless they set a release date a year before the release.
I read so long ago, from a reliable source * can’t remember so sorry* that the 6th book
* Not named then* would be out AFTER! The 4th movie. Now here in Canada, the movie is coming out 18 of November 2005. That is a year away. Now, last book, it was written, but wasn’t released for a while. She’s not done writing the book and the actual process of publication hasn’t started yet either. And where did everyone get June from?
Now, this January ting, if it is true, it’s only saying when the release date, it’s the release date of the release date.

Yea, I think that’s it, for now
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Calling all Gryffindors!

(This includes you, Bunny, dear =])

We need you in the common room, pronto! There's an emergency situation that must be handled ASAP! All Gryffindors report to your common room immediately, and take a seat on the couches. We have a huge issue that needs discussed!

(Also, make sure you've joined this community. I'm not sure why you'd be watching it if you hadn't, but you need to. I'm clearing out the gryff_lions list this Wednesday after my bowling league occlumency lessons.)

Anyway. Drop all your wands! Close your textbooks! Put down your toads, rats, cats, and owls; and make your way to the portrait, right now!

- Caitlyn, Gryffindor Prefect