November 26th, 2004

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Hey everyone, Laura here (one of your two fabulous Quidditch coaches.)

Please make sure to go out and apply to join your teams in your common rooms! gryff_lions, cunningfolk, ravenclaw_house and the_puff_house. Applications have to be in SOON! As of now, we're only accepting them until Monday. For more information about Quidditch, you can check out the info page on hh_quidditch, which provides links about the hogwartsishome Quidditch rules and the schedule. This info can ALSO be found on the info page of hogwartsishome if you scroll to the bottom of the page.

Thanks! And Happy Applying!
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Hey guys, how are you?

Its gotten a little quiet in here, so I come bearing....

ICONS! Omg omg.

I apologize ahead of time for the cartoon-ish-ness of the Slytherin snake... I tried to find something "powerful-looking" but I couldn't =/ All the animals are fonts, y'know. I also urge you to go look at my icon journal, empty_icons, if you even halfway like these. It needs more friends. =] */End shameless plug*

Please comment, credit, and save to your own server. Probably not safe for slow connections.

And away!

1 G// 1 S// 1 R// 1 H//

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- Cat

PS: If you guys want, I can put your name/username on the plain ones. Yes, I do have that much free time ^-^
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