The True Bohemian Revolutionary (weemumlessmngrl) wrote in hogwartsishome,
The True Bohemian Revolutionary

There has been some confusion on where Gryffindors need to go to apply for the Prefect and Co-Prefect positions. I've been asked by a few people. :)

The last applications post is where Bunny listed up the position of Prefect. I don't see any problem in completing the Prefect application if you're interested in Co-Prefect, and just specifying that fact on your comment.

The Applications Post is found here.

Thanks :)

EDIT: Oh, and for those who were pointing out the fact that so few of our officials are Hufflepuffs or Slytherin, well.. I thought I might drop a little bit of a *hint hint, nudge nudge* here by mentioning the fact that we really don't have either house applying for any of the positions opened in that post.

...*whistles* Ahh-yep.


~ Melinda o' Ravenclaw
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