Amber Renee' (takarakanashi) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Amber Renee'

Graphics needed!!!

Now that I am the Mod of hogsmeadewkends I have a request of all the graphics elite at HiH. I am very very... er... what's the word... HORRIBLE at making most graphics (not to mention very overcritical of myself). So I tend to stay away from such things.

On that note... I'm going to ask now that if there is anyone in the community that is willing to take a small job making graphics for Hogsmeade, it would be much appreciated. I will definitely be speaking to Bunny about possible reimbursement and creit as needed. Edit: Knuts will be paid! To be determined.

Please, anyone who wants to do this, email me at and let me know. Please send a general sample of a banner of about 300x100 px (it can be anything you want... just something that is your own work and creative. I'd like to have these by at least November 6th at midnight CST. THIS IS NOT A CONTEST.

I know we have a lot of great graphic artists here at HiH, and I really need the help. Thank you guys!

(Needs to update her icon. *falls asleep*)
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