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Ahh...the game has started. I suggest that if you have not found a group you hussle with it. The riddles (once they are put up) will stay up until the end of the game.

I ask you to PLEASE NOT look on Google. There are 4 of you, and if you think these through they are not hard. (I made sure that I was able to answer them before I picked them.)

If the answer is a name, it will be capitalized. If you know for sure that your answer is correct, and for some reason the linked picture is not working, email me and I will check on spelling. NOTE: Any word that could possibly have a hyphon...will not. Also note that on those words you may want to play with the spacing in order to get the link correct.

Riddles will not all be out at the same time, but I will start you all off with the riddles that you are forced to get on your own, so that team work may begin after that.

Good luck!

PS: I will not be making posts when the other riddles go up...this is a scavanger hunt after all.
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