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The Daily Prophet: Term XXX, Issue 8

Thank you all for supporting The Daily Prophet this term! I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as the writers enjoyed writing it.

When the new term begins, some writing positions may become available, but if you already know you'd like to write for Horoscopes you can apply right here.

We also now have a Member of the Month writer, so we welcome your nominations. Think someone was really awesome in Term XXX? Submit them here and the MOTM columnist will interview them for one of January's issues!

Term XXX, Issue 08                                                                                                                              December 29, 2014

Welcome to hogwartsishome! You will find many great people and many, many fun things to do. We hope you'll have a great time with us at Hogwarts!

Common rooms:
gryff_lions the_puff_house
ravenclaw_house cunningfolk

Diagon Alley: The place to buy all your HIH needs!

Activity: Sudoku
Participation Points: 2pts/1kt for the easy puzzle, 3pts/2kts for medium, 5pts/2kts for hard. +5 points if you own a subscription to the Daily Prophet
Deadline: Saturday, December 27th, 11:59pm UTC Results!

House Totals:
Hufflepuff: 43
Ravenclaw: 30
Slytherin: 15

By sapphoatsunset


► The Term XXXI Officials Icon Contest has been posted and submissions will be taken until December 30, 6pm UTC.
► Congrats to all the new Term 31 officials!

Now Hiring

The Daily Prophet is hiring! As of press time, we're looking for a new Horoscopes columnist, but we always take feature articles and we could always use more pinch hitters. You'll get paid in points and knuts (and bonus points if you do both articles that month) for your house! More details at the post.

Just for Fun

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. *wink*

Don't forget to check out HIH on twitter and tumblr. @hihnews and fromplatform934. And you can always submit classifieds here and I’ll put them into the next issue!

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By slumber

Dear Dumbledore,

Why do you have a password for getting to your office? What if a student really needs to see you right away?


Dear Wondering,

I've found students rarely ever do want to see me right away. In any case, I am less often in my office as I am around the halls — if a student needs me, chances are, I will find them easily enough.


Dear Dumbledore,

What's the most interesting password you've ever used for access to your office?


Dear Curious,

All of my passwords are interesting. And secure.


Dear Dumbledore,

Do you have a favorite password you've used for your office? I'm sure it was a sweet one.

Password Potter

Dear Password Potter,

How did you I do have a favorite password. I suppose sweet might be a word you can use to describe it, along with private and not-to-be-shared (the hyphens make it one word).


Dear Dumbledore,

As the end of the year draws near, what are your new year resolutions?

New-Beginnings Nigel

Dear New-Beginnings Nigel,

Find a better password!


Write to Dumbles
You can write to your headmaster here; Dumbledore will try to respond to all letters, but there may be some delay before he gets to yours. All letters dealt with in strictest confidence.

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

Term XXX, Issue 08                                                                                                                              Page 2

By la_loony

By stelladelnordxd

Hey lovely Fanfiction readers.

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy holidays, if you don't celebrate it. Hell, even a happy day is always swell. May y'all have a great new years too, and stay safe!

Not much has happened in the world of fanfiction, but what has happened has been swell!

Evy/slumber of Ravenclaw posted this wonderful piece about the origins of Luna's mom, entitled Return to Night Vale.

Sam/pretty_panther, also of Ravenclaw, posted a ficlet about Cho and her grandkids, for the 'relashio' prompt. You can read that piece here.

In the last issue, Izabella/nicevenn of Slytherin posted the first six parts of her Naughty Aurors series, which features Harry and Draco. You can see the full masterlist here.

The gift exchange works have been posted! Go read all the lovely fics and check out the gorgeous artwork, and if you participated, make sure to thank your author/artist!

Lastly, and finally, the new mods post has been posted, which I'm sure you're all already aware of. Let's go say goodbye to Whitney/csichick_2 for being a wonderful mod to Sugarquill this past term and hello to Steph/lotrangel17, both of Hufflepuff, for being the mod in term thirty-one! I'm sure you'll do wonderfully, Steph, and thanks so much, Whitney, for all of your hard work!

hh_sugarquill sortedchallenge hogwartsicons
By mahmfic

Hello, everyone. I'm Megan/mahmfic and I'm taking over the fanart spotlight. Glad to meet you!

Things are winding down for Term XXX! That doesn't mean there isn't plenty of beautiful fanart to be found around HiH!

We had one lovely submission at hh_sugarquill from Delphine/nearlyconscious. Everything around us became a blur when we kissed features Lisa Turpin and Romilda Vane at their first party together as a couple.

There are quite a few things happening at sortedchallenge. You can vote for a fanmix cover for the very last challenge of the term. The prompts were Hogwarts Castle or The Final Battle. Voting closes at 9pm EST Monday Dec. 29th // 2am UTC Tuesday Dec. 30th. Vote here.

The results of Challenge 11 are up! Congrats to Tiffany/growling, Avi/flyingharmony and Trin/belladiavolo for placing. Kristine/flipflop_diva recieved points for best use of fonts. Kudos to Slytherin for earning the most points! Below is growling's winning wallpaper.

There's a survey for everyone to talk about their experience during Term XXX. What are your favorite types of graphics? What themes would you like to see for Term XXXI? Help the mods by taking the survey and making sortedchallenge a better community.

Last, but not at all least, we have hogwartsicons. Things have been a little quiet, but we've still had some amazing posts. Evy/slumber posted four Death Eater wallpapers here.

Kristine/flipflop_diva made a Deathly Hallows fanmix for the fanmix exchange.

Bei/sapphoatsunset has decided to step down as HI mod. She will be missed. That means a new mod must rise and take her place, and that honor belongs to Alex/gryffinwhore of Gryffindor. Congrats, Alex!

That's it for Term XXX. See you in the new year!

By lotrangel17

Welcome to the last edition of Clubs at Hogwarts is Home for Term XXX!

How I will miss you Term XXX but can't wait for XXXI! First a shout-out to Crystal/bluemermaid, our one outgoing mod! Thank you for stepping in and finishing out term - you are fabulous!

Next, welcome Jamie/stelladelnordxd, our new mod coming in! Can't wait to see you in action. Which leaves us with a big goodbye/oh hello there again to Kristine/flipflop_diva! Thanks for coming back to Clubs! Jamie and Kristine — you rock!

We had some fun and creative results for the beginning of December! YDE 7 Deadly Sins - Pride gave us a great speech from William/mmailliw of Slytherin from the perspective of Nagini:

Mosssssst of the Death Eatersssss may ssssssussssssspect that all of the contestantssssssss would be human death eaterssssssss, but I believe that I, Nagini, have been the mosssst sssssssucccccesssssssssful ssssservant of you, my Lord. I have been more than happy to exxxert the ssssssssseveressst punishment whenever you requessssted, and fought as ferociously as any sssssssoldier could fight. But if that does not ssssssssssssuffice, my lord, don't you remember that I gave the best coily hugssssssss out of anyone? Bellatrix only wishessss she could hug half as ssssssmoothly, sssenssssually, and ssssatisfyingly as I can. Finally, sssssssnakesssssss are obvioussssly ssssuperior to humanssss (other than you, of course, my Lord!) Therefore, your sssssssselection of the besssst Death Eater should be obviousssssssss.... choose me!

We also saw some cute and creative things on the Divination Club: Fortune Cookie Fortunes Part 2.

Chelsea/interchanges gave us When offered a (noun) to (verb) with (noun), you should (verb), which Erin/erinm_4600 turned into When offered a (SEAT) to (DINE) with (DEATH EATERS), you should (RUN). Very nice!

There are still two-ish days left in the term and a few open activities at Clubs! So if you want to earn some last-minute points, check out Herbology Club: Designer Scents, Divination Club: 2015 Predictions, HOM: History on Film, Transfiguration: That is NOT What I said or Holiday Healing Potions.

Don't forget if you want a recap of open activities that are left for the term, either click the Weekly Round Up or click on the Current Tag and get everything at once!

That's all the news that's fit to print, so until next term — See you!

By sapphoatsunset

Happy Happy Holidays! In case you're as behind as I am (wait, has Christmas come and gone already? Oops!), I come bearing ideas of things you can gift to the favourite Zodiac Signs in your life.

When choosing a gift for Aries, don't forget their personality. They tend to be impulsive and active. Athletics may be one of their interests. They can be of fiery temperament, yet they love to play. Keep these things in mind when you go shopping for an Aries gift. Aries also rules the brain, the head and face. Gifts associated with these areas will be appreciated.
When choosing a Taurus gift, don't rush. Take your time. They will know if you haven't put any thought into your gift and become very offended. Don't waste your time at the dollar store... taking the time to bake some delicious cookies will win you far more points. Their practical natures want things to work smoothly every time. They love to luxuriate in comfort, fine foods and drink. They are creative and enjoy making things. Taurus also rules the throat and vocal cords. Music will always be a part of their life in one way or another.
When choosing a Gemini gift, think about all the things they have expressed an interest in. Before you know it, you'll have several different gift ideas to choose from. If you can't decide, gift certificates work especially well for Gemini so they can choose their own. If you are buying a basket of goodies, wrap them all individually so they are all different. They love this. Their natural curiosity makes them want to know what is inside each one.
When choosing a Cancer gift, they will be most appreciative of a gift you made yourself. Whether it is a quilt, a sweater or a birdhouse, choosing to spend the time making it yourself will really touch Cancer's heart. To them, this shows just how much you care about them and their feelings. Taking the time to make something will create a gift they will treasure forever.
When choosing a gift for Leo, don't forget their personality. They love to relax and luxuriate in comfort. They want bright colors that reflect their zest for life. They consider themselves connoisseurs of art and fine jewelry. They are quite dramatic and love to have their fans follow them around. Their appearance is important to them because they like to make an impression wherever they go.
Here are some suggestions that Virgo will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Virgo. A practical appliance or tool is always a good choice for Virgo. Make sure it fits the décor of the kitchen or other room that it will live in. If they like to cook, a mixer, coffee pot or bread machine may prove to be just the item they needed. A power drill or a new hammer may be perfect for your Virgo handyman. Really think about your gift. Are there any accessories that they need to work? Include the batteries if they are needed or filters if you get a coffee pot.
When choosing a Libra gift, don't think of plain, stark lines. Choose gifts with interesting curves and textures to give them beauty and interest. Libra is not the one to live in an ultramodern home filled with stainless steel and glass. Natural materials appeal more to this elegant person.
When choosing a gift for Scorpio, don't forget their personality. Scorpio loves things that are dark and mysterious. They enjoy a good puzzle that needs to be solved. They are seductive by nature, so they enjoy anything sexy. Scorpio's element is water, so they may be attracted to things dealing with water. They like dark, rich colors, like maroon, garnet and black.
When choosing a Sagittarius gift, think exotic. They love to travel, so anything about exotic places or from exotic places are great. Anything that encourages them to be active is also a surefire hit. Think chic. Appeal to their inner intellect. If you still can't think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Sagittarius will love. Be sure to tailor these suggestions to your particular Sagittarius. If you have the money to spend, book your Sagittarius on a group tour somewhere. Choose a locale that is exotic and different from where they live. Hawaii, Florida, Europe, Asia, you choose. Your Sagittarius will have a blast. If that is not in your budget, try a book about one of their favorite exotic places. Make sure the book includes maps and colorful photos.
When choosing a Capricorn gift, think practical. They would rather have something they can use than something they need to dust. Comfortable clothing, a good book and a bowl of stew would make the perfect evening. They love to spend time with the one they love.
When choosing an Aquarius gift, think unusual. Anything out of the ordinary will catch their eye. They also appreciate fashion and innovation. Take the time to really choose something for them. They'll know if you put thought into it or not. The wrapping is unimportant... but if they feel you just grabbed the first thing you set eyes on, they will be sorely disappointed.
When choosing a gift for Pisces, don't forget their personality. They love to be creative. Anything that gets their creative juices flowing is great. They love romance. Jewelry, art, history and religion appeal to them. Music feeds their soul. They love gardens, animals and fine food.

credit to alwaysatrology.com

By valerie_jackson

Wow, term XXX has just flown by for Animagus, but things aren't quite slowing down just yet. Be sure to get in on the last of the action and earn some points/make some friends before the term ends!

+ December's Second Activity: Covered in Snow is as simple as 1, 2... 10 snowballs! Just place 10 markers on the picture to try and find the 10 hidden Animagi. There are up to 30 points/15 knuts (+5pts/2kts bonus for registered animagi) up for grabs for this easy activity. This ends on December 30th, 11:59pm UTC, so don't miss out!
+ Be sure to check out this month's Social Post: Animagus Match to discuss who would have your same animagus.
+ Please PLEASE check out the Animagus Participation post to make sure that you won't lose your form at the end of the month. If you missed December voting, then you have to participate in Covered in Snow. We would hate to see anyone leave the Wilderness so be sure to participate!

Don't forget to complete activities and vote to win badges! There are new ones added for every activity and they are irresistible. Check them out in the Trophy Cabinet over here.

It's not required to have your own animagus form to participate in any of the Wilderness activities, but there are always bonus points to be had. If you haven't participated in a while, you might want to check HERE to make sure that you are still registered, and if you have been taken off the list but want to reclaim your animal, just go HERE. If for some reason you no longer feel connected to your form (and have had it for six months or more), then you can submit an essay stating why in order to be able to apply for a new form; once you're approved, you can submit a new application anytime.

Speaking of applications, anyone interested in becoming a registered animagus need only fill out their application (you have to have The Standard Book of Spells Vol 1-3 from Flourish and Blotts too, but that's easy stuff).

Elf Labor Wage Strike in the Works?
Word has it that a certain bushy-haired activist has gotten word that there are severe labor violations going on against house elves in the North Pole, and she is currently organizing some kind of massive action within the very halls of Hogwarts itself! Why she thinks this is any of her concern is, frankly, beyond us, but maybe her best friend isn't the only one who has a savior complex...

Thieves in the Night
Rumor has it that the house elves at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have developed a sweet tooth. Every night, the kitchens are stalked with treats, and every morning there are only crumbs left. The house elves have been accusing the Hufflepuffs, but the Puffs adamantly deny the charges.

Severus Snape displays Jazz Hands
I could be wrong, but I heard music coming out of the dungeons. It is not unusual for dark anthems to be playing, but this was definitely more of a Muggle showtune. I peeked around the corner, and I know it had to be someone polyjuiced as Severus Snape because he would not be using Jazz Hands and dancing on top of the tables!

Got gossip? Tell us here!

By la_loony

Hello Flourish visitors,

I hope you all survived the holidays so you can get ready for whatever traditions you might have for New Year's (lots of eating and fireworks for example^^).

+ The Emmy winning tv show theme has ended, but make sure you sign up for a technical category here so you can get those themed tags points in January.
+ Superlatives are here! If you haven't yet, make sure to vote till Tuesday 11:59pm UTC HERE.
+ In case you missed it the last time, you can find the deliveries from last Hogsmeade HERE. Go have a look, maybe somebody got you a little something ;)
+ Since the end of the term is here, we have to say goodbye to an era. Nikki/nikkikitty won't be modding Flourish next term. Whitney/csichick_2 will be modding again and Olivia/ohcaptain will be working with her, so a round of applause for all our awesome Flourish mods!
+ There is always room for more shops, so if you are interested in having a shop just apply over here. We have room for 1 Gryffindor, 2 Hufflepuff, 4 Ravenclaw and 5 Slytherin shops!

And now a word from our shopkeepers ... about their fellow shopkeepers.

1. What do you think is the story behind the shop name?
Emma/bergeronprocess: I'm not sure, but I love the word "coquettish." I'm big on words.
Alex/gryffinwhore: Well, she seems to like cats, looking at her default icon and the shop banner and cats can be sassy and flirty so…Coquettish Cat! Also it just sounds good.
Jassy/melas_2ndsoul: The owner of the shop probably likes cats and wanted to be flirty.

2. Which three tags in the shop are your favorite?
Emma/bergeronprocess: The Animagus collection is so fun and I need more sigtags of that...

Patterns is a fun collection too!

Antique Lace is a wonderfully unique collection.

Alex/gryffinwhore: I have always loved the chapter art in the American versions of the books, and the fonts used just fit so well.

I really like the colors and fonts used in this tag. Also, MINDY!

I really like the stark black and white combined with the splash of bright pink here


3. What kind of tags would you love to see from the shopkeeper?
Emma/bergeronprocess: Maybe more collections like Antique Lace? Haha! Just keep on making beautiful things.
Alex/gryffinwhore: More pretty lady sigtags please! I think more illustration ones would be great too.
Jassy/melas_2ndsoul: I'd like to see more OUaT sigtags and maybe something from movies or tv shows.

What is the story behind your shop's name?
Kisa/fluttershy_kisa: It took me awhile to come up with my shop's name. I wanted something catchy and cute. I thought about this a lot and decided that since I like cats and my profile pic is of an anime cat from Sailor Moon.. I should come up with a name that has to do with a cat. I eventually went with the word coquettish, because it means flirty and I thought it was cute when paired with the word cat (especially since they both start with the letter C). It took me awhile to find a graphic to fit my shop, but when I found that picture of a cat with it's tail curled into a heart, I knew I found the right name for my shop.

1. What do you think is the story behind the shop name?
Emma/bergeronprocess: I think it's a Lorde song reference, right? "Royals"? I don't know the song by heart or anything, but it seems like it's a Lorde thing!
Kisa/fluttershy_kisa: I think that the name Spiral Queen may come from the fact that the shop owner is a Gryffindor, and Gryffindors have their common room in a spirally staircase.
Jassy/melas_2ndsoul: I think that maybe Alex likes fairytales and or Royals and wanted her shop name to be original.

2. Which three tags in the shop are your favorite?
Emma/bergeronprocess: I love the simplicity of the House Founders series, the Hunger Games series (the OREO one!!!) and Astrology Set #3.

Kisa/fluttershy_kisa: That's hard; I like so many of her graphics! Though as I scroll through them, I feel that the ones I like most are:

The animals were mega cute, and a gif tag of two ladies kissing isn't something you see everyday, VERY CREATIVE.


3. What kind of tags would you love to see from the shopkeeper?
Emma/bergeronprocess: MORE GIF TAGS! Those are so cool!
Kisa/fluttershy_kisa: Some more ladies type of graphics.. That's just my preference though, ladies just makes everything look better.
Jassy/melas_2ndsoul: I would love to see more tv show tags (like ABC's Selfie) or more celebs in general.

What is the story behind your shop's name?
Alex/gryffinwhore: [Note from Martine: This will remain a mystery because I foolishly probably deleted the message with the answer and saw it too late and now Alex didn't have enough time to send it to me again. So keep on guessing xD]

1. What do you think is the story behind the shop name?
Kisa/fluttershy_kisa: The shop keeper actually gave the story behind their shop name in their main catalog. North Station was taken from a train station that forms the ground floor of where their favorite sports team plays.
Alex/gryffinwhore: Well, before I went to her catalog and saw the story behind it, I knew it was a reference to Boston and I wasn’t sure if maybe she grew up around there or something because it’s obviously close to her heart that she chose that T station out of all of them. And yep, turns out it’s because she loves the Bruins who play right above it. :)
Jassy/melas_2ndsoul: Well, maybe North Station is a bus or tube station somewhere around the world and the shop owner has some memories there.

2. Which three tags in the shop are your favorite?
Kisa/fluttershy_kisa: I love the colors of this tag.

The lines in this one are fantastic.

And I love this as well (cups always make everything feel homey).

Alex/gryffinwhore: I love the coloring in these.

And I think this line of birthstone tags is really neat!


3. What kind of tags would you love to see from the shopkeeper?
Kisa/fluttershy_kisa: I feel like having animal tags would compliment their nature tags, so I would suggest doing an animal tag set.
Alex/gryffinwhore: I would like to maybe see some city scape tags, possibly of Boston?
Jassy/melas_2ndsoul: I think that more holiday-related tags would be great or stocks in general.

What is the story behind your shop's name?
Emma/bergeronprocess: Well, I kind of let the cat out of the bag and explained it inside my shop ;) But I'll elaborate. In Boston, North Station is a real place, a wonderful place — it's not only a subway train station, but it's also an Amtrak and commuter rail train station AND the home arena of my Boston Bruins all at once. (It can sound kind of confusing at first. Really, the subway station is underground, beneath the surface-level Amtrak station, so never the two do meet.) It's a great place to go if you want to go around, or out of, Boston...and a brilliant place to go if you want to see some hockey. Also, there are literally 2 Dunkin Donuts locations inside North Station. You can see them from each other. This /is/ Boston, after all.

1. What do you think is the story behind the shop name?
Emma/bergeronprocess: I don't know the inspiration for this name, though I do, for some reason, imagine a ring baked into a Snickerdoodle cookie because those have cinnamon. Weird, I know.
Kisa/fluttershy_kisa: I think Jewels and Cinnamon is a name that's supposed to create a combination of images of your head, one being a cinnamon-spiced dessert and the other being of refined jewels. IDK if I'm right, but that is the impression I have with this name.

Alex/gryffinwhore: Maybe those things remind her of luxury and decadence? I’m not sure, but the banner has a really ornate ring on it so something about the whole feel of it.

2. Which three tags in the shop are your favorite?
Emma/bergeronprocess: I'm so here for the Lips series. I think I might need to put in some orders.

Kisa/fluttershy_kisa: My favorites are graphics:

I loved the font and colors on the ballet graphic, the Disney one had a lovely composition with 2 Elsas and the color was great, and the graphic with Eeyore was just cuddly.

Alex/gryffinwhore: I really like the art used here.

This was a great image choice.

And this one is SUPER cute.

3. What kind of tags would you love to see from the shopkeeper?
Emma/bergeronprocess: Since it's still a new shop with a small catalog, I'm just excited to see what's next.
Kisa/fluttershy_kisa: I would like to see some nature-themed tags here, as I got the feeling from looking at the owner's ballet tags that the shop owner here would be good at nature-themed tags.
Alex/gryffinwhore: I think she would do well with pictures of adorable animals!

What is the story behind your shop's name?
Jassy/melas_2ndsoul: The story behind my shop name isn't very interessting ;) I re-applied and decided that a new shop name would be better and jewelsandcinnamon is also my tumblr name. It comes from Once Upon a Time (back then when I still liked it), and I chose it because Mary-Margaret always drinks her hot chocolate with cinammon and because she and Prince Charming met when they were hunting the jewels Snow stole from him.

This has been the Flourish Column. Stay tuned next for the rushing sound of last year's resolutions to come back and haunt their makers now that they will most definitely not be fulfilled in time.

Thank god you are not one of them, right?

Have fun at Flourish HiH, have fun!

By csichick_2

I want to start off by giving a huge thank you to our Term XXX Mayors, Evy/slumber and Sas/theaeblackthorn, for planning and running two awesome Hogsmeade weekends for us this term.

I also want to give a shout-out to the social directors from the most recent weekend for giving us some awesome social activities: Jamie/stelladelnordxd of Gryffindor, Kristine/flipflop_diva of Hufflpuff, Evy/slumber of Ravenclaw, and Tiffany/growling of Slytherin.

Don’t forget to check the Flourish Delivery Post to see if there are any tags waiting for you.

Of the results in so far, three were for placement activities. A huge congrats to Kristine/flipflop_diva, Meg/watchpoint, and Ellen/melpomenethemis for their Monopoly prowess, William/mmailliw, Alex/gryffinwhore, and Bei/sapphoatsunset for rocking it in the Chaser’s Quest, and Crystal/bluemermaid, William/mmailliw, and Meg/watchpoint for conquering Who We Used to Be’s word search of doom.

Hufflepuff dominated the weekend, winning or tying the following activities: Zodiac Symbols, Animagus Scavenger Hunt, Happy Birthday, Voldemort is Home, Save the Party, It’s All Fun and Games, Birthday Favorites, Cake Wizards, What Luna Got Dumbldore, Sigtag Sale, The Order’s Karaoke, Monopoly, Bingo, The Great HiH Bake-Off, the Hogsmeade Ball and After-Party, Who We Used to Be, and Back to Quidditch.

Ravenclaw also made a strong showing, winning or tying the following: Happy Birthday, It’s All Fun and Games, First Things First, Chaser’s Quest, Thnks fr th Mmrs, Guess Who, and the Sugarquill Fic/Art Exchange.

Although they didn’t win any activities, Gryffindor and Slytherin still did awesome.

Keep your eyes peeled for information about banners and badges.

And lastly, congrats to our Term XXXI Mayors, Kristine/flipflop_diva and Chelsea/interchanges! I look forward to seeing what they have in store for us.
If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

Term XXX, Issue 08                                                                                                                              Page 3

gryff_lions|Flourish Shoppes|Pirates
By erinm_4600

Happy Holidays, Lions! GET UP! :p

No, really.. please wake up. It's lonely around here :(

What we have done:
+ The tower is oddly silent.... someone may be up to something. Or there's a silencing charm up and no one noticed....

Non-hibernating Lions:
over at hh_flourish
+ Martine/la_loony - Lost in the Woods
+ Alexandra/coolceruleanblu - The Knitted Cauldron
+ Steph/alwaysawkward - That's Irrelevant
+ Jess/rhye - Bloodless
+ Maryann/memeann012084 - Graphics on Mane Street
+ Carola/carola_d - Cellar Door
+ Jassy/melas_2ndsoul - Jewels and Cinnamon
+ Kara/fluttershy_kisa - The Coquettish Cat
+ Alex/gryffinwhore - Spiral Queen

We've got ONE slot open, so if you'd like to have a shop, give the APPLICATION a look!

over at hogwartsicons
+ Alex/gryffinwhore made a FANMIX for Megan/mahmfic

over at hh_sugarquill
+ hibernating...

over at hh_clubs
+ some lions have been participating... but only some

(If I missed someone, please let me know, so that I can present myself for flogging or plank-walking )

the_puff_house|Flourish Shoppes|Puffs of the Round Table
By flipflop_diva

Happy almost new year, Puffs, and happy almost end of Term XXX, too! We’ve almost made it! And if we keep it up, maybe we’ll see something nice and shiny in our vaults in a few days.

Speaking of end of term, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you all for all the awesome work you did these past few months. Caitie/caitieness and I had an amazing time being your prefects, BUT of course we know we’re going to have an even more amazing time next term. Congrats to Emma/bergeronprocess and Megan/mahmfic who will be taking over the modly reigns. You both will be awesome!

Now, back to this term.

If you haven’t yet stamped your fellow badgers (or filled out an app yourself!), there is still time! Who doesn’t want to know what dessert they are? Or what dessert others are? So head over here! You have until 4:59am on Tuesday.

Once you’re done with that, how about click here and find some other last-minute activities to earn some points with? There are still a ton of things left open, which means a ton of points left to be had! Exciting!

And in more exciting news, we have a new bb!Puff. Let’s all welcome Aris/haetsal to the dens! We’re happy to have you join us!

Beyond that, the Common Room has been a little quiet, but never fear. Things will be happening shortly, including the results of the Puff Superlatives! So keep your eyes peeled for that. You don’t want to miss it!

Now, for the final Puff shoutouts of the term (and the year!)!
• Congrats to all the new Puff officials for next term — Emma/bergeronprocess and Megan/mahmfic as Puff Prefects, Whitney/csichick_2 as Flourish Mod and Steph/lotrangel17 as Sugarquill Mod! (Plus me as Clubs Mod and Mayor, but it feels weird congratulating myself.)
• Congrats to Avi/flyingharmony for placing second in Sorted Challenge 11 with her awesome Black sisters wallpaper.
• Congrats to Crystal/bluemermaid for tying for third in the YDE Pride challenge with her boastful Lucius speech.
• And congrats to EVERYONE for winning an amazing amount of Hogsmeade activities and Clubs activities these past few weeks. Good job, my bbs!

And that’s it, everyone! But never fear, I will be back next term. Like you can get rid of me that easily!

ravenclaw_house|Flourish Shoppes|Vikings
By storminmay

Hello, flaw-free Claws! It's Emma/storminmay, back with another round of Claw Correspondent! Our last of 2014 and Term XXX…WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE?!?! D:


  • Your prefects want YOU to vote for your fellow Claws for the In-Haus Awards! Go share some love with your fellow Claws!
  • Speaking of the In-Haus Awards…if you're graphically-inclined, you should definitely volunteer to help make banners for the winners and nominees!
  • Of course, award season wouldn't be complete without the hogwartsishome-wide Term XXX Awards! Go show some love to your fellow HIHers, Claws and non-Claws alike! YAY FOR HOUSE UNITY!
  • Chelsea/interchanges wants to send out the alert that these Claws are in danger of losing their hih_animagus forms due to inactivity! Oh noes! D:
  • We have a new beagle to welcome! Say hello to Kimberly/et_tu_lj at the Welcome Wagon and get to know them better at their intro post!
  • Our Star Sorters for this month so far have been Ekin/cottoncandyluna and Jalen/jalenstrix!

    Want to fly hiiiiiiiiiiiiigher than an eaaaaaaaaaaaagle? The December In-Haus is up; earn Mama Rowena some points (and some knuts for yourself!) by collecting presents! Highest score takes home ALL THE POINTS AND KNUTS!!


    Be sure to check out all of the lovely Ravenclaw shops over at hh_flourish!

    Song of the Phoenix by Mary/crusading_soul
    Paradox by Ren/renrenren3
    Temporary Bliss by Chelsea/interchanges
    Infinitesimal by Bei/sapphoatsunset
    The Bee and Barb by Meg/watchpoint
    Fabulatheca by Evy/slumber

    There are currently 4 open spots for Ravenclaw shops. Why not apply?


    ★ Ravenclaw took first place overall at Potions Club's Pronto Potions Puzzles at hh_clubs!
    ★ Evy/slumber took home 2nd place for Young Death Eaters' 7 Deadly Sins – Pride at hh_clubs!
    ★ Claws did some major pillaging at hogsmeadewkends! We took first for Muggle Cultural Society's First Things First, and Mayor activities #2 (Chaser's Quest), #3 (Thx Fr Th Mmrs), and #6 (Guess Who?). Claws also tied for first for Smarmy Society's Happy Birthday! and Healers' Association's It's All Fun and Games. Great job, Claws!!
    ★ Check out Evy/slumber's Death Eater wallpapers at hogwartsicons!
    ★ Check out posts from Sam/pretty_panther (Mutual Understanding, Shame), Jenna/j_okay (Dean Thomas, Jedi), Delphine/nearlyconscious (Everything around us became a blur when we kissed), and Evy/slumber (Return to Night Vale) at hh_sugarquill!

    Keep track of our collective Clawsomeness at the Term XXX Trophy Cabinet!

    Thank you, fellow Claws, for a wonderful Term XXX! Have a stupendously wonderful holiday and I'll see you in 2015/Term XXXI!

    cunningfolk|Flourish Shoppes|Vampires
    By autumn_mist

    Can you believe it's almost the end of another great term? It seems like just yesterday I was posting the first edition of the new term, and now it's quickly coming to an end. Before we get started, I just wanted to take a moment to say how much fun I've had not only being a writer for the Daily Prophet, but also as your Prefect. You guys have kicked some serious butt this term, and I know I speak for both myself and Tiffany/growling when I say that we couldn't be more proud of each and every one of you. I will see you all in Term XXXI!!

    Now lets see... what has the common room been up to?

    • Have you said hello to Anna Kate/boundandchained, the newest member of the Slytherin Dungeons?

    • Term XXX is ending, and now is your chance to say thank you to Tiffany/growling for all her hard work as your Prefect.

    • Also, don't forget to give a warm welcome to Trin/belladiavolo as she takes over as co-Prefect in Term XXXI!

    • CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Heidi/internet_self and Bella/nicevenn for becoming our newest Snake Attack Sunday winners! Make sure you check out the post(s) to pick up your tags and celebrate!

    • CONGRATULATIONS are also in order for Olivia/ohcaptain and William/mmailliw for becoming our newest Star Sorters! Make sure you check out the post(s) to pick up your tags and celebrate!

    • In case you've been bored (or are new to the dungeons) and were wondering how you can get involved and earn some points for our noble house, I would definitely recommend checking out either the Motivational Monday or the Snake Attack Sunday posts.

    And last, not not least, don't forget to WIN!! WIN!! SLYTHERIN!!

    Now on to Slytherins Around HiH!


    • Olivia/ohcaptain has posted The Experts at the Fall fanmix that can be viewed here.


    • Congratulations are in order for Trin/belladiavolo for taking FIRST PLACE and Tiffany/growling for taking SECOND PLACE in Challenge #12

    • Congratulations are in order for Tiffany/growling for taking FIRST PLACE and Trin/belladiavolo for taking THIRD PLACE in Challenge #11


    • Don't forget, you can order a MAX of 10 sigtags from ALL our Slytherin shops located at hh_flourish if you find any that strike your fancy. Our current shop keepers are:

    Krystal/autumn_mist with Accio Malfoy

    Trin/belladiavolo with Serpensortia

    Olivia/deshi_basara with three a.m.

    Tiffany/growling with Riddikulus

    Eve/renovatio_lucis with Needful Things

    OR if you are graphically inclined yourself, why not apply for a spot?. There are currently still FIVE spots available!

    And always remember Slytherin House — You ARE AWESOME!

  • If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

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    • Term XV Points

      Hello All! So that was a smashing term, wasn't it? December's Points Gryffindor: 44,489 Hufflepuff: 25,668 Ravenclaw: 32,672 Slytherin:…

    • Ask a Moony!

      Good Evening my Friends! Everyone should be familiar with those advice columns, and so I am here to offer friendly advice from a non-professional!…

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