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A hush falls over the comm as Juppy comes into the room. She happens to be carrying a worn and battered hat of sorts. Instead of the normal stool that it is usually placed upon, the hat now sits squarely centered on the head table. She looks up at all the members and smirks as she walks back out of the great hall.
"Have fun!" She says in a voice which leads you to believe she is about to send you through hell.

The hat comes to life right at that moment, happy to be of use for something other then sorting.
"I come to you today, to warn you of a game
the insane one wants to warn you that it will tame. (so no worries)

Now the rules to the game are simple, and I'll read them really fast
and hopefully you'll follow them to the very last.

Rule one is this, now listen closely still,
groups will be needed, 4 in them to fill.

Choose carefully these groups, for they could be wise or bold,
but listen to my clue so you have the mold.

One should be of quick wit with knowledge in their minds
one should be loyal, hardworking, and kind,
One should be brave, with justice in their heart,
one should be ambitious, cunning, and smart.

Remember my clue well for tomorrow you will see,
Just why the group is important and why it had to be.

The hat once again goes silent and dormant. Juppy walks back into the room and proceeds to place the hat on her head.
"Get to it people, you have until tomorrow to make your groups. And tomorrow is when you find out why...don't worry...its fun. I promise. ^_~
Because...why shouldn't Pranks be fun as well. ^_~
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