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The Daily Prophet: Term XXX, Issue 6

The Daily Prophet is looking for writers for the following positions:
-Member of the Month (and we could use submissions here!)
For more information and to apply go here.

Term XXX, Issue 06                                                                                                                              December 1, 2014

Welcome to hogwartsishome! You will find many great people and many, many fun things to do. We hope you'll have a great time with us at Hogwarts!

Common rooms:
gryff_lions the_puff_house
ravenclaw_house cunningfolk

Diagon Alley: The place to buy all your HIH needs!

Activity: Tetris
Participation Points: 1st/2nd/3rd/Participation Only: 50/40/30/10 points & 20/15/10/5 knuts, respectively. +5 points if you own a subscription to the Daily Prophet
Deadline: Saturday, December 13th, 11:59pm UTC
Details: Sometimes when working for the Daily Prophet you'll find yourself attempting to stack the issues in all sorts of ways. So let's practice. Play Tetris here and then submit a screencap of your final score. Your screencap must contain your entire screen, including your clock, but you can black out anything you don't want me to see. Highest scores will earn placement points.

Submit your entries here!

Activity: Hitori
Participation Points: Participation Only- 10pts/5kts, +5 points if you own a subscription to the Daily Prophet

House Totals:
Hufflepuff: 30
Ravenclaw: 30
Slytherin: 30

By sapphoatsunset


► The sortedchallenge mods want you to know that the posting schedule is changing for the rest of term.
► The Hogsmeade Weekend theme and dates were announced, and the mayors have needs.


► Hogwartsicons's Fanmix Exchange is looking for pinch hitters and asking participants to claim a posting week.

Now Hiring

The Daily Prophet is hiring! As of press time, we're still looking for a Clubs Correspondent and Members of the Month columnist. You'll need to be able to write an article twice a month (once for MOTM), and you'll get paid in points and knuts (and bonus points if you do both articles that month) for your house! More details at the post.
Appeals is hiring! hih_appeals is on the lookout for a back-up Slytherin judge to fill out its roster of judges. Requirements are strong canon knowledge, reliability, and low-drama. Discretion of utmost importance as well. Payment is 10 knuts an appeal, any time one occurs. Fill out the form and apply!

Just for Fun

► Evy / slumber wants to talk Thanksgiving.
► Jamie / stelladelnordxd is handing out Holiday Cards.
► The Order is holding a social.

Don't forget to check out HIH on twitter and tumblr. @hihnews and fromplatform934.

Apply to be a:
Registered Animagus
HP Character

Writing Communities:

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Sponsored Shops

Attention Shop Owners!
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By slumber

Dear Dumbledore,

I ate way too much at Thanksgiving. What would you recommend for a bloated stomach?

Too Much Turkey

Dear Too Much Turkey,

After a bountiful feast, when a nap seems too tempting, I try to walk it off. I usually work up an appetite for a second meal afterward.


Dear Dumbledore,

Did you enjoy being a headmaster or a professor more? Why?

Regards from a curious pupil

Dear Curious Pupil,

I've quite enjoyed my time as a professor here, and I still do miss it some days, but I am a headmaster now, and I learn a great deal from this position.


Dear Dumbledore,

Please settle an argument between a friend and me. What is better, owls or kneazles?

Animal Lover

Dear Animal Lover,

I appreciate the usefulness of having an owl as a pet, but for someone who might have plenty of enemies, you can never go wrong trusting a kneazle's instincts. So I suppose it depends on whether or not you're the sort to send plenty of mail or have a lot of people after you. For cuddling purposes, I'd go with a kneazle all the way though. I tried to cuddle an owl once, in my youth. I would not recommend it.


Dear Dumbledore,

If you had to choose between cupcakes and pie, which would you choose?

Trying to surprise people with desserts

Dear Trying to Surprise People with Desserts,

It depends on the flavors. I wouldn't say no to both, though. There's always room for cupcakes and pie.


Dear Dumbledore,

If cavemen and astronauts got into a fight, who would win?


Spike & Angel

Dear Spike and Angel,

Well — do the astronauts have weapons?

Either way, actually, I'd have to go with the cavemen, especially if the astronauts looked like they were about to attack. I imagine they'd both be too curious and fascinated with each other for it to escalate, however. But astronauts don't necessarily fight, and cavemen, I imagine, have naturally aggressive instincts. Astronauts would know what the cavemen are, so they are likely to approach from an angle of fascination and learning, but cavemen would have no idea what astronauts are so their response is harder to gauge — in general, we attack what we fear, and we fear the unknown. I suspect the astronauts would not even try to fight, and they'd be too weighed down by their gear to be able to do much running.


Write to Dumbles
You can write to your headmaster here; Dumbledore will try to respond to all letters, but there may be some delay before he gets to yours. All letters dealt with in strictest confidence.

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

Term XXX, Issue 06                                                                                                                              Page 2

By la_loony

By stelladelnordxd

Hello all, and welcome to a new issue of the Prophet! I'll be taking over the FanFiction corner from now on, so I hope you all enjoy!

First off, the Sugarquill Fic Exchange Assignments have been sent out. If you haven't received said e-mail, you should definitely message Whitney telling her so, so you don't miss out! A reminder that your stories need to be finished and submitted by the 14th of December.

The results for the Elation challenge over at Writers' Block have been posted. Congratulations go to Evy/slumber, Jalen/jalenstrix and Jenna/j_okay of Ravenclaw for placing. Go congratulate them here, if you haven't already. The current Writers' Block challenge Makeover has been finished, and as of writing this entry, the results are not yet posted.

So, what's going on in the world of fanfiction being written?

Johanna/monkiainen of Hufflepuff posted a bingo fic, This is the Night, in which Hagrid goes on a blind date that doesn't turn out too well. If you haven't selected a bingo card yet, or don't understand what it's about, click here to learn more :)

Alley/alley_skywalker of Slytherin posted a really interesting backstory on Dolores Umbridge. Here's my favorite little tidbit of the story:

The older they got, the more apparent it became that Selwyn was right. Dolores could gain respect through prowess and intimidation and bribery but her blood status always hung over her head like a sword waiting to fall. Girls like Alecto Carrow could be frivolous and foolish and bad-mannered, but they would still be invited to balls and tea parties and boys would still ask them to Hogsmeade sometimes and call them “Ms.” while Dolores remained in the background.

Abigail/nathalieweasley of Hufflepuff posted three different stories here. My favorite one has to be her last one, with Albus/Gellert. Go read them!

Lastly, Emma/bergeronprocess, also of Hufflepuff, posted a nice little piece about the founders. Or well, more specifically, Helga Hufflepuff. Here's a little snippet.

And Helga was beginning to tire very greatly of hearing about it all the time in the staff room, which was Salazar’s favorite time to chide and lecture them about his beliefs. One day, she could take no more and she, to put it quite simply, snapped like a twig.

To read the rest, click here.

hh_sugarquill sortedchallenge hogwartsicons
By wasureneba

Welcome to the Fanart corner! I'm Anie/wasureneba and I'll be filling in for Martine/evening12 this week.

Over at sortedchallenge, there's been quite a bit going on! Challenge #10 has just ended, and results will go up soon. Challenge #8 has just come out; check out the beautiful winners below!

Challenge #9 results are also out; congrats to Tiffany/growling, Evy/slumber, and Meg/watchpoint for their placements, and to Krystal/autumn_mist for receiving Best Use of Fonts. Lastly, we have the results for the second Banner Maker's Challenge; congrats to Tiffany/growling for receiving first place, and to Evy/slumber, Caitie/caitieness, and Kristine/flipflop_diva for their second through runner-up placements!

When we move over to hogwartsicons, it's clear that the Fanmix Challenge is going strong! There's been some great submissions since posting started; check out Bei/sapphoatsunset's Harry/Luna country fanmix for Kristine/flipflop_diva here!

There's been other things cropping up at HI in addition to the fanmixes; take a gander, say, at Kristine's set of banners here, especially if you're in a good minor character mood!

Over at Sugarquill, the November bingo is just wrapping up. There have been some lovely bits of art posted; check out Delphine/nearlyconscious's Gryffindor girlfriends:

Alice/superficiality gets in on the bingo train with the least favorite character square: some pencils of Dolores Umbridge, to be found here.

That's it for this edition of Fanart. Please stop by our lovely art communities, and keep on posting and keeping the beautiful art and graphics alive!

By monkiainen

It’s time to have a look again at what has been going on in the various clubs. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for the drive!

Results are in for several activities. Divination Club’s Fortune Cookie Fortunes Part 1 is out; congratulations to Hufflepuff and Slytherin for sharing first place!

Charms Club’s Who Did What Now? was ruled by Slytherins; congratulations!

The voting for Art Club’s In The Mood For Art has ended. Tiffany/growling of Slytherin took first place, with Kristy/spook of Hufflepuff and Danni/misskitty373 of Hufflepuff placing in second and third. Congratulations for everyone!

The voting for Smarmy Society’s Livejournal has also ended. Tiffany/growling of Slytherin took first place here as well, with Evy/slumber of Ravenclaw and Krystal/autumn_mist of Slytherin placing in second and third. Congratulations!

For more results, you can always check the results tag.

COMC was looking for a new leader; it is yet unclear whether or not there were any applications for the post. Let’s hope that someone will step up and take responsibility for leading the club – otherwise it will be put on indefinite hiatus. We don’t want that to happen :(

The month of November is over, which means CHRISTMAS is getting closer! :) I, for one, am waiting for all the Christmas-y themed activities that will surely come up in the Clubs :) With that note, I’ll close this column. See you next time!

By sapphoatsunset

The Dark Side would be woefully incomplete if we did not address our criminal proclivities. So... What kind of criminal would you be?

You start by joining a gang in your youth, getting caught, doing time, and then having enough influence when you get out to start a crime of your own. Purely for brute force things. Leave thinking for others. Let’s go blow up a safe.
Obviously, you would make an expert hitman. You have a heavy respect for the law and the ability to ignore pleas for mercy, as well as the patience to sit for days watching a target. And of course, why let the law get in your way, even if you do respect it?
An impatient personality like yourself, of course you like fast-paced crime. Gun running, drug smuggling, insider trading, and smash-and-grab raids are all very appealing, not to mention your innate confidence makes them a natural arena of success for you.
How about blackmail, or something you can do anonymously from the privacy of your own home? Of course, it would need to be lucrative. Kidnapping would be an excellent choice and give you the side benefit of getting to be ‘caring’ for your live captive.
For The King of the signs — because that’s how you view yourself, right? — only something with a large payout (HUGE) and a decent amount of noise and impact is a fit. Something like major arson with fat insurance payouts, or dressing up and screwing over the public a la Can You See Me Now... Yes, perfect.
From forger to serial killer, anything requiring attention to detail, and the opportunity to devise something so complex and cunning that no one can catch you in your plot...well, that’s what you gravitate to. Not even Criminal Minds could solve your schemes!
It’s so easy to slide into the life of crime when it can afford you all the shinies you’re after. Casino heists, precious gem smuggling, credit-card fraud, and being a double-agent are all up your alley.
Hey there, Mr Big. Quite a lot of criminal enterprises you have in the works. Your henchmen know better than to question your genius, and if all else fails, well, you’ll just assassinate them. Problem solved.
You’re a swashbuckler with no backup plan and a desire to taunt authorities. You’re just asking to be caught, but at least the joyriding and ramraiding was fun while it lasted.
The ideal crime for you is to lead a brothel. You know, foster young innocents and part the lecherous from their hard-earned wages. It’s a win-win for your lustful side and your intelligence.
Obsessive. That is a word for you, isn’t it? Anything that requires intense focus on a single goal (like the bright side of research) is right up your alley. People might not like getting hacked and stalked, but it was all a fun experiment in your opinion. They should stop having those ‘feeling’ things.
You’re strictly a pirate, straight out of a romance novel with dramatic escapades, skulls and cross-bones, stolen damsels, and of course... Where’s the rum?

All material references Darkside Zodiac by Stella Hyde

Blah Blah, Disclaimer. Column contents intended in good fun only. Author means no offense and does not think people are this, well, extreme.

By valerie_jackson

Animagus is just flourishing this term! Just a few things of note this week:

+ Come discuss your favorite delicious animals over at this Thanksgiving themed social post
+ November Animagus Choices are up, and it's always fun to go check those out (and double check that your points for voting are all good)
+ On that note, some votes have been unscreened for the November batch. They're always interesting to read and see the reasoning behind the votes

Don't forget to complete activities and vote to win badges! There are some really adorable ones. Check them out in the Trophy Cabinet over here.

It's not required to have your own animagus form to participate in any of the Wilderness activities, but there are always bonus points to be had. If you haven't participated in a while, you might want to check HERE to make sure that you are still registered, and if you have been taken off the list but want to reclaim your animal, just go HERE.

If you no longer feel connected to your form (and have had it for six months or more), then you can submit an essay stating why in order to be able to apply for a new form; once you're approved, you can submit a new application anytime.

Speaking of applications, anyone interested in becoming a registered animagus need only fill out their application (you have to have The Standard Book of Spells Vol 1-3 from Flourish and Blotts too, but that's easy stuff).

By csichick_2

Hello everyone! There’s nothing new to report since the last issue, so I’m going to keep this short and sweet.

Our next Hogsmeade Weekend is HIH’s Birthday Party, and it will take place December 12-14th. Activity sign-ups and social director sign-ups are still open, so go sign up! The banner contest ended on the 30th, but keep your eyes peeled for more details soon.

Beware Poisoned Candy!
Word has it that a couple mean-spirited students have given out candy laced with poison! The effects aren't fatal, but they will get you more than a few days' visit to Madam Pomfrey. It might be a good idea to discard all sweets suspected of foul play and leave them by the third stall of the girls' second floor bathroom, just in case...

Shame on him
Which high-ranking Ministry official has been spotted out and about with a female colleague who is most definitely not his wife, engaged in activities that one does not normally partake in with co-workers? We're not telling, but we hear his wife is on the warpath. As she should be.

S.'s Despair
We know that the noble art of washing one's hair isn't everyone's thing, but S. is taking the refusal to an entirely new level. Now, however, he was spotted buying a large amount of very intense hair shampoo. "Improvement guaranteed" it says on the bottles, but who knows if it's also guaranteed in a desperate case like this? We shall see...

Got gossip? Tell us here!

By nearlyconscious

By la_loony

Hello Flourish visitors,

Wow, time has gone by so fast, the holiday-themed tags are coming around again already!

+ SQ-sized tags are still awesome but not worth themed points anymore, but Emmy-winning tv show tags still are. If you'd like to check if your show tags are among those, have a look at this list. And the new theme is around the corner, so keep your eyes open for that modly post.
+ It's time to create a new layout for Flourish! The submission period has been extended and will end on December 11th now, so head over to this post, check the guidelines and submit your layout. You'll get good points and knuts for participation alone, not to mention how awesome it is when your layout wins!
+ There is always room for more shops, so if you are interested in having a shop, just apply over here. We have room for 2 Gryffindor, 3 Hufflepuff, 4 Ravenclaw and 5 Slytherin shops!

And now a word from our shopkeepers ... about their fellow shopkeepers.

1. What do you think is the story behind the shop name?
Trin/belladiavolo: Its one of those things where it can be both a compliment and an insult depending. So you are sort of complimenting someone — or maybe not.
Whitney/csichick_2: Again, I have no idea. It’s cute though.
Evy/slumber: You know I haven't got the foggiest clue at all! I've always wondered, so I would really love to know! XD

2. Which three tags in the shop are your favorite?
Trin/belladiavolo: My three favorite graphics would have to be...


The cupcake is so cute and I really like the coloring on it.

The penguins are just so adorbs.

I want to take this bunny and cuddle it.


Oh, man, this is so pretty and dreamy, like a fairy tale castle! I love the wispiness to the tag and the sweetness of the handwriting font she used!

I love the use of negative space here! Also I loathed the idea of watching Finding Nemo at first bc the premise seemed impossibly difficult to overcome (I mean, HOW DO YOU FIND A TEENY LITTLE BABY FISH IN ALL OF THE OCEANS OF THE WORLD HOW????) so this was a perfect depiction of that despair I felt lol.

Did I mention I loved minimalist stuff? This is a great example of that! I love silhouettes.

3. What kind of tags would you love to see from the shopkeeper?
Trin/belladiavolo: I would love to see more quote icons. I love what she has so far, but would love to see more!
Whitney/csichick_2: I’d love to see more Reign and Food tags.
Evy/slumber: I really like what Sam did with her stock castle catalog so I'd love to see what she does with other fairy tale-ish stock images!

What is the story behind your shop's name?
Sam/valerie_jackson: Well, last spring my drama department decided to compete at Region and State with Peter Pan as a one-act ensemble piece. It was probably the best show I have ever been a part of — even if I was only a minor character. It was such a great production, the casting was perfect and it was all people that I just love more than anything. Anyway, I had one line; after Hook explains to Smee how the Crocodile has followed her (we genderswapped the character) from 'land to land' and 'sea to sea', then my character pops in with, "In a way it is sort of a compliment."

1. What do you think is the story behind the shop name?
Trin/belladiavolo: Oh my goodness... I really have no idea. Fabulous springs to mind LOL.
Whitney/csichick_2: I haven’t the slightest idea, but it’s a cool name. And copy/paste is my friend, because having to type that for modly things would be a nightmare.
Sam/valerie_jackson: I have no idea, but my best guess is... fabulous the ca? Caw as in Claw? CA as in California? I really don't know, but it's a super pretty name in any case.

2. Which three tags in the shop are your favorite?
Trin/belladiavolo: My three favorite graphics would have to be...


I saw Christian Kane’s face and totally went one-track mind there.

Sam/valerie_jackson: Oh, gosh, all of Evy's stuff is gorgeous, but I'll have to go with...

I absolutely loooooooove this series, the coloring is wonderful.

I can't even get over how cute this is, plus the animation is spot on.

THE COLORING. I wish that I had the talent required to pull off this kind of gorgeous simplicity. There just isn't anything I don't love about it.

3. What kind of tags would you love to see from the shopkeeper?
Trin/belladiavolo: I would love to see more stock tags. They do a beautiful job on them!
Whitney/csichick_2: More Leverage!
Sam/valerie_jackson: I'd love to see more nature/scenery tags since she does amazing things with those.

What is the story behind your shop's name?
Evy/slumber: Naming things is the worst thing ever. EVER. Actually, my first shop's name wasn't even my own (I stole it from my best friend's thesis >.> Sorry Caroline), so when I applied for a second shop I tried to put some thought into it. All I knew was that I wanted the shop to reflect what it was, and from having previously run a shop I knew that my interests would be mostly about other fandoms and other stories. So I kind of made up the word, sort of, out of bibliotheca meaning library (or I guess, more literally, a case/list of books) and fabula being the Latin word for stories or tales. So fabulatheca is basically a collection of stories — the stories I enjoy a lot of — just in graphic form.

1. What do you think is the story behind the shop name?
Sam/valerie_jackson: It's a Slytherin reference, of that I'm sure, but specifically I don't know.
Whitney/csichick_2: I’m going to guess the serpent part is some sort of Slytherin reference, but other than that, I have no idea.
Evy/slumber: I'm not sure about the story behind it, but it's a very snakey name since it's the spell for summoning a snake iirc, and Trin IS a Slytherin. I like it; I think it's very suitable for a Slytherin shop name!

2. Which three tags in the shop are your favorite?

Such lovely coloring, and what a good font choice that just pops against the background.

I love the font and colors; it works really well with the image.

Lovely image choice and font combo.


I love this entire tag series, but the Frozen one is my favorite.

I love the view on this tag, especially as someone who's lived in Manhattan almost two and a half years.

I crave sushi just looking at this tag.


I died. This is a perfect image with the perfect font combination!

I actually really love the simplicity of this tag. She let the image speak for itself, but at the same time, the name/house is also very clear. It looks like an ad. :3

I am kind of a sucker for minimalist tags so this is perfect, and I LOVE the placement of the name/house bit. It is grrrrrrreat!

3. What kind of tags would you love to see from the shopkeeper?
Sam/valerie_jackson: The style of this shop is just so great, and I think that would work with some colorful fandom tags, so I'd love to see some of those.
Whitney/csichick_2: I’d love to see more sushi — or just food in general — tags. It’s a category I love to order from.
Evy/slumber: I would love to see more minimalist style tags from Trin since I love the ones she already has in her shop!

What is the story behind your shop's name?
Trin/belladiavolo: I LOVE snakes, and probably one of my favorite scenes in the HP movies (and story) was when Draco magically conjured one up using the spell Serpensortia. I would love to have that kind of talent — if only to use to scare those around me who are scared of snakes!

1. What do you think is the story behind the shop name?
Trin/belladiavolo: At first glance, I look at it as living in the moment. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, so there is no better day to do something than today.
Sam/valerie_jackson: My best guess would be that it's some sort of Rent reference. However I've never seen the play, though, so I can't say for sure.
Evy/slumber: Rent! My guess is it was taken off that Rent song, and I can never see an update from Whitney's shop without hearing the words in my head. :P

2. Which three tags in the shop are your favorite?
Trin/belladiavolo: My three favorite graphics would have to be...


I love the crop of the image!

I love how the image is blended to the white to make the tag an irregular shape.

Great image choice and coloring!


2 Broke Girls is that show I'm sometimes ashamed to admit I love but I love it, I do, and Max/Kat Dennings is my fave. I love the screencap Whitney chose here and the contrast of the name/house with it. :D

OMG I don't even remember this book art from any of the books, but the art combined with the loopy font is amaaaaazing.

Winter is my jam so I'm a big fan of this catalog. It's such a serene tag!

3. What kind of tags would you love to see from the shopkeeper?
Trin/belladiavolo: I would love to see more Disney movies please! I love what is there so far!
Sam/valerie_jackson: I would love to see more stock tags, particularly of cities and destinations.
Evy/slumber: I love her fandom collection since it looks like there's enough to go around everyone's interests but I'd also love to see what she does with seasonal tags! And puppies! :D

What is the story behind your shop's name?
Whitney/csichick_2: It’s a Rent reference. I’m more than just a little obsessed with the movie, so I knew I wanted my shop to relate to Rent somehow. No Day But Today just sort of clicked as I was listening to both the movie and musical soundtracks over and over while out of town right before opening my shop.

This has been the Flourish Column. Stay tuned next for absolutely nothing.

Seriously, why would you click this? There is nothing there.

Have fun at Flourish HiH, have fun!
If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

Term XXX, Issue 06                                                                                                                              Page 3

gryff_lions|Flourish Shoppes|Pirates
By erinm_4600

Greetings, Lions! Some of us woke up.. but probably collapsed again, following yesterday's food coma.

What we have done:
+ Maryann/memeann012084 posted an in-house challenge — collage your finalideal meal
+ Kara/fluttershy_kisa is our newest Lion... direct from Hufflepuff.
+ Ari/cadaver wants to know what makes us laugh

Non-hibernating Lions:
over at hh_flourish
+ Martine/la_loony - Lost in the Woods
+ Alexandra/coolceruleanblu - The Knitted Cauldron
+ Steph/alwaysawkward - That's Irrelevant
+ Jess/rhye - Bloodless
+ Maryann/memeann012084 - Graphics on Mane Street
+ Carola/carola_d - Cellar Door
+ Jassy/melas_2ndsoul - Jewels and Cinnamon
+ Kara/fluttershy_kisa - The Coquettish Cat

We've got TWO slots open, so if you'd like to have a shop, give the APPLICATION a look!

over at hogwartsicons
+ hibernating...

over at hh_sugarquill
+ Jamie/stelladelnordxd made a BINGO ENTRY for James/Lily

over at hh_clubs
+ hibernating...

(If I missed someone, please let me know, so that I can present myself for flogging or plank-walking )

the_puff_house|Flourish Shoppes|Puffs of the Round Table
By flipflop_diva

Hello, my pretty Puffs! Today we have a little news of the bittersweet variety. We have gained some Puffs and lost a Puff.

First, the sadder part of the occasion. Kara/fluttershy_kisa successfully appealed into Gryffindor, so even though we are happy to see her find a new home, we are going to miss her around the dens. If you didn’t get a chance, come say goodbye to Kara here.

In the happier section of the news, we now have two new badgers — Lisa/rainbowaurora and Ghostie/a_ghostie! Everyone go say hello to Lisa over here and to Ghostie over here! Welcome (back) to both of you!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the November in-house! We have lots of new Puffs in our midst — Eliot Spencer, Laurel Lance, Joey Tribbiani, Steve Rogers, John H. Watson. How about that? :) Look for the December in-house to go up later this week!

Megan/mahmfic is offering up holiday cards for any and all Puffies! If you want one, come check out her post. And speaking of goodies, if you haven’t seen it yet, let me direct your attention over here to the Knight Week prize post. If you haven’t heard from your gifter, let Caitie/caitieness or me know, and we can help you out!

Now, for a few Puff shoutouts!
• Congrats to our two newest Star Sorters, Samantha/valerie_jackson and Joanna/monkiainen! Pick up your tags here!
• Congrats to Caitie/caitieness for placing third in the second Sorted Challenge Banner Makers Contest!
• Congrats to Kristy/spook for placing third in Potions Club’s Assigned Potions drabble contest!
• And congratulations to everyone for totally killing it at Hogwarts Icons this month!

That’s it for me! Until next time, my bbs! <3333

ravenclaw_house|Flourish Shoppes|Vikings
By storminmay

Hello, flaw-free Claws~! It's Emma/storminmay back with another round of Claw Correspondent! The Tower's been pretty quiet as many U.S. Claws were gearing up for the Thanksgiving holiday. I just want to say I'm incredibly thankful to be a part of such an awesome community, and especially such a wonderful, fun, and inclusive house. ILU all, fabulous Claws, and thank you for your friendship and shenanigans over the past year!


  • As always, be sure to check out the latest edition of Everyday I'm Pillagin'! 'Cause that's how us Vikings roll.
  • Sam/pretty_panther has an easy activity alert for us!
  • You can always make a post seeing if any of your fellow Claws want to chat, like Chelsea/interchanges did!
  • Go and check out this week's Welcome Wagon, featuring our newest beagle Shim-Raya/shim_raya! Go and say hello and make them feel welcome!
  • Clara/nevarren and Jenna/j_okay (x2, oh snap-aroonie) are our Top Sorters this month!!

    Want to fly hiiiiiiiiiiiiigher than an eaaaaaaaaaaaagle? The November In-Haus results are up; go congratulate everyone who participated for werking out those puzzles! Because Claws/puzzles are the ultimate OTP.


    Be sure to check out all of the lovely Ravenclaw shops over at hh_flourish!

    Song of the Phoenix by Mary/crusading_soul
    Paradox by Ren/renrenren3
    Temporary Bliss by Chelsea/interchanges
    Infinitesimal by Bei/sapphoatsunset
    The Bee and the Barb by Meg/watchpoint
    Fabulatheca by Evy/slumber

    There are currently 4 open spots for Ravenclaw shops. Why not apply?


    Ravenclaw earned the most points in Herbology: Healer's Helpers at hh_clubs
    Sam/pretty_panther posted at hh_sugarquill
    Evy/slumber posted at hogwartsicons

    Keep track of our collective Clawsomeness at the Term XXX Trophy Cabinet!

    Until next time, stay flawless, Claws!

    cunningfolk|Flourish Shoppes|Vampires
    By autumn_mist

    Welcome to another issue of the Daily Prophet, my cunningly ambitious snakes! In case you're new to the scene, this is where I give you all a roundup of all the reasons to drink Margaritas great things that have been going on in our house!

    Now lets see... what has the common room been up to?

    • If you haven't already, why not head over to THIS post and nominate one of your fellow snakes for the coveted title of Slytherin's Purest?

    • You can also take part in a very interesting discussion started by William/mmailliw, which you can join HERE.

    • CONGRATULATIONS are in order for William/mmailliw and Jenna/jennashaped for becoming our newest Snake Attack Sunday winners! Make sure you check out the post(s) to pick up your tags and celebrate!

    • CONGRATULATIONS are also in order for Izabella/nicevenn and Eve/renovatio_lucis for becoming our newest Star Sorters! Make sure you check out the post(s) to pick up your tags and celebrate!

    • In case you've been bored (or are new to the dungeons) and were wondering how you can get involved and earn some points for our noble house, I would definitely recommend checking out either the Motivational Monday or the Snake Attack Sunday posts.

    And last, not not least, don't forget to WIN!! WIN!! SLYTHERIN!!

    Now on to Slytherins Around HiH!


    • Trin/belladiavolo has posted 50 SHADES OF ME | A DRACO MALFOY FANMIX that can be viewed HERE.

    • Tiffany/growling has posted TREES, OH TREES | A REMUS LUPIN MIX that can be viewed HERE.

    • Congratulations are in order for Tiffany/growling for taking FIRST PLACE in the Banner Makers Challenge

    • Congratulations are in order for Tiffany/growling for taking FIRST PLACE and Krystal/autumn_mist for WINNING Best Use of Fonts in Challenge #09

    • Congratulations are in order for Tiffany/growling for taking FIRST PLACE and Trin/belladiavolo for tying for THIRD PLACE in Challenge #08


    • Don't forget, you can order a MAX of 10 sigtags from ALL our Slytherin shops located at hh_flourish if you find any that strike your fancy. Our current shop keepers are:

    Krystal/autumn_mist with Accio Malfoy

    Trin/belladiavolo with Serpensortia

    Olivia/deshi_basara with three a.m.

    Tiffany/growling with Riddikulus

    Eve/renovatio_lucis with Needful Things

    OR if you are graphically inclined yourself, why not apply for a spot?. There are currently still FIVE spots available!

    And always remember Slytherin House — You ARE AWESOME!
  • If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

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