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The Daily Prophet: Term XXX, Issue 3: House News

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Term XXX, Issue 03                                                                                                                              Page 3

gryff_lions|Flourish Shoppes|Pirates
By erinm_4600

Greetings, Lions! The tower has been quiet because we're all sleeping off that victory. Wake us when it's time to save the day!

What we have done:
+ we had birthday cake for Jesse/admires, Ari/cadaver, and Hermione Granger
+ Jess/rhye found a Gryffindor diaper for sale
+ we had a COSTUME CONTEST for Potter characters trying to blend in to the Muggle World on Halloween
+ we had a LONG DISCUSSION about procrastination and hibernating in the tower, which proved we are both good and bad at it, since so many Lions participated.
+ SIGNUPS for a Hogsmeade Flourish shop are open. We've got eight spots to fill!

Non-hibernating Lions:
over at hh_flourish
+ Martine/la_loony - Lost in the Woods
+ Alexandra/coolceruleanblu - The Knitted Cauldron
+ Steph/alwaysawkward - That's Irrelevant
+ Jess/rhye - Bloodless
+ Maryann/memeann012084 - Graphics on Mane Street
+ Carola/carola_d - Cellar Door
+ Jassy/melas_2ndsoul - Jewels and Cinnamon

We've got THREE slots open, so if you'd like to have a shop, give the APPLICATION a look!

over at hogwartsicons
+ Erin/erinm_4600 did a 20in20 for Goblet of Fire

over at hh_sugarquill
+ did I mention we're hibernating?

over at hh_clubs
+ Steph/alwaysawkward managed to drive the Knight Bus to a win!
+ Carola/carola_d took second with Rita Skeeter's interview
+ Erin/erinm_4600 fed the King a third-place meal

(If I missed someone, please let me know, so that I can present myself for flogging or plank-walking )

the_puff_house|Flourish Shoppes|Puffs of the Round Table
By flipflop_diva

Hello Puffies!

Happy October! With the weather cooling down except in Texas, because it never cools down here, that means things should be heating up, right? Isn’t that how it works? Well, if you answered yes, then I would say we are off to a good start because come look over here. See those numbers? Uh huh. See who is on top of those numbers? Oh, yes. Most excellent job, bbs. That is how we do it!

Now, in other exciting news, we also have a new bb!Puff to welcome to the dens. Everyone say hello to Mar/mmar_vi. You can find her intro post right here, so what are you waiting for?

How about we talk more numbers next? Everyone has a number, you know. We’ll start with 609, because that is how many points we earned in our very dirty in-house from September! Way to be, Puffs. From there we go to …. 0? Yeah, that’s not cool. So that means y’all need to come over to the October in-house, Topless in the Dens, and enter. We aren’t looking for masterpieces well, we’re looking for one. Hopefully, and we know you guys don’t want to leave the CR out there without its top on — we might be going to Vegas this weekend (Hogsmeade speaking), but public nudity is still frowned on — so go enter!

Once you’re done with that, here are a few other things you can do:
Add your name to the spreadsheet.
Come to chat.
Tell your fellow Puffs how kick-ass they are, and let them tell you the same.
Earn 25 points in 60 seconds.
Earn Puff even more points with Caitie’s handy guide.

Finally, you can help congratulate all of our fellow Puffs in our special Puff shout-out section:
• Congrats to Kisa/fluttershy_kisa for being our latest Star Sorter!
• Congrats to Crystal/bluemermaid for becoming my awesome co-mod the next Clubs Mod!
• Congrats to Sara/arctic_comet for placing third in Art Club’s What Will You Choose!
• Congrats to Avi/flyingharmony for placing second in Insomniac’s Midnight Strike!
• Congrats to Kat/feuerfunke for have accurate guessing skills and coming closest to finding the Lucky Duck in the MCS activity. Also congrats to Bri/stilinskiargent for coming in second!
• Congrats to Crystal/bluemermaid for coming in third in the Slug Club They Did WHAT?! Drabble contest!
• Congrats to Katfeuerfunke for having the third fastest time in Wizarding Wear’s Find A Model slytherlink puzzle.
• And finally, congrats to EVERYONE for winning a whole slew of Clubs activities. Seriously, go check out all this yellow! Good job bbs!

And that is it for me, Puffies. Until next issue, go be awesome (and maybe keep an eye on the CR. Because something dirty exciting is about to happen!!)! Ilu all! <3333

ravenclaw_house|Flourish Shoppes|Vikings
By wasureneba

Hallo, Claws! This is Anie/wasureneba, quill in hand this week for Claw Correspondent.


Let's pretend that portmanteau works, okay?

Unfortunately, we must begin this issue with a bit of sad news: Christa/c_hrista has had to step down from her post as prefect due to real life constraints. Thanks, Christa, for your work this term! This means that we'll need a new prefect, and who else should it be, dear Claw reader, but you? Go forth and apply! You can ask questions, and find the link for the application, at this post.

Hey! Do you have an October birthday? Do you want cool things, like GIFTS? You should go make sure you comment on this post, then, because it's your source for birthday funtimes.

Also, if you've got a September birthday? Go pick up your presents here, and maybe have a little bit of cake and ice cream to celebrate.

In-house! IN-HOUUUUSE! It's up, and it's awesome. Go and do this thing, because puzzles and stamping and I mean come on here.

We've also got the results of our last in-house back. Full results are here. Keep on keeping on, Claws, and get those points!

Need some easy activities? Chelsea/interchanges has some here, many of which aren't over for quite a bit. Go and get your pillage on!

Wanna get geared up for Hogsmeade? Need something beyond easy activities to fill the void in you before a weekend of fun and things that we cannot speak of? Check out the latest Every Day I'm Pillaging and bring.it.on. And while you're prepping for Hogsmeade, don't forget that our Social Director, Meg/watchpoint, is your source for things Hogsmeade! She's here to help you.

Last but not least, please welcome one a new Claw to the Tower! chloeaddison has made her debut; don't miss out on it.

Berserking Around HiH

Claws have been fierce around HiH.

  • Evy/slumber and Bei/sapphoatsunset earned shinies in the September Hogwarts Icons Round Up for being (respectively) the most diversified and the highest points earner for our house. Hell to the yes!
  • Evy, Yaakov/j_okay, and Jalen/jalenstrix placed in Writer’s Block #1. Write on, guys.
  • Ravenclaw tied for most points in HAH’s Healing Potions
  • Ravenclaw earned the most points in Herbology’s Grow a Plant
  • Evy and Bei also placed in Shutterbug’s Angry Harry and Ravenclaw got the most points!
  • Ravenclaw earned the most points in Sorter’s Anon’s Words for Me
  • Ren/renrenren3 and Andie/tralfamadore placed in Wizarding Wear’s Find a Model and Ravenclaw got the most points!
  • Ravenclaw earned the most points in DADA’s Logic Puzzle (yesss my Claws yesss).

And remember always, Claws:

cunningfolk|Flourish Shoppes|Vampires
By autumn_mist

Welcome to another issue of the Daily Prophet, my cunningly ambitious snakes! In case you're new to the scene, this is where I give you all a roundup of all the reasons to drink Margaritas great things that have been going on in our house!

Now lets see... what has the common room been up to?

• Have you been Trick Or Treating yet? There are several great prizes up for grabs if you haven't!

New Challenges have also been posted for this month... have you seen them?

• CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Beth/djmayhem_aubrey and Heidi/internet_self for becoming our newest Snake Attack Sunday winners! Make sure you check out the post(s) to pick up your tags and celebrate!

• CONGRATULATIONS are also in order for Ashe/rusalchka for becoming our newest Star Sorter! Make sure you check out the post(s) to pick up your tags and celebrate!

• In case you've been bored (or are new to the dungeons) and were wondering how you can get involved and earn some points for our noble house, I would definitely recommend checking out either the Motivational Monday or the Snake Attack Sunday posts.

And last, but not least, don't forget to WIN!! WIN!! SLYTHERIN!!

Now on to Slytherins Around HiH!


• William/mmailliw has posted a new event for the Insomniacs Club that can be viewed HERE. Make sure you're on the ROSTER to get those bonus points! Also, don't forget because this is the club for INSOMNIACS.. all of your comments must be made between 10pm and 8am in your local time to count for points!

• Krystal/autumn_mist has posted a new event for the Charms Club that can be viewed HERE. Make sure you're on the ROSTER to get those bonus points!

• Beth/djmayhem_aubrey has posted a new event for the Slug Club that can be viewed HERE. Make sure you're on the ROSTER to get those bonus points!

• Tiffany/growling has posted a new event for the Art Club that can be viewed HERE. Make sure you're on the ROSTER to get those bonus points!

• Tiffany/growling has posted TWO new events for the Potions Club that can be viewed HERE and HERE. Make sure you're on the ROSTER to get those bonus points!


• Congratulations are in order for Tiffany/growling for taking SECOND PLACE, Olivia/ohcaptain for taking THIRD PLACE and Jenna/jennashaped for winning SPECIAL CATEGORY in Challenge #04

• Congratulations are in order for Tiffany/growling for taking SECOND PLACE and Jenna/jennashaped for taking THIRD PLACE in Challenge #03


• Don't forget, you can order a MAX of 10 sigtags from ALL our Slytherin shops located at hh_flourish if you find any that strike your fancy. Our current shop keepers are:

Krystal/autumn_mist with Accio Malfoy

Trin/belladiavolo with Serpensortia

Olivia/deshi_basara with three a.m.

Tiffany/growling with Riddikulus

Jenna/jennashaped with Lambent Dreams

Eve/renovatio_lucis with Needful Things

Sam/surmise with Ɣ∃ʁɨϯɐᎦ (Veritas)

OR if you are graphically inclined yourself, why not apply for a spot?. There are currently still THREE spots available!

And always remember Slytherin House — You ARE AWESOME!

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

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