baby we could rock the night alone (slumber) wrote in hogwartsishome,
baby we could rock the night alone

Member Cut

Hello everyone!

I've gone through and cut all inactive members from hogwartsishome

If you cannot see THIS POST then you've been cut!

To rejoin HiH, you must either contact your prefects so they can notify the community of your return (at which point we will accept you back into the main comm!) or go get resorted at platform_934 in two months' time.

Official Returning Contact Posts (Prefects, if any of these are wrong, let me know and I'll fix them!):

Unless you go through your prefects, your hogwartsishome membership request will not be approved, so please make sure to go through your prefects or get resorted! :)

PS If you have done an activity for the month of September and you were cut -- our apologies! September points aren't in yet so we couldn't count them, but just let your prefects know that you wish to return and you should be fine.
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