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The Daily Prophet: Term XXIX, Issue 04

Term XXIX, Issue 04                                                                                                                              JULY 7, 2014

Welcome to hogwartsishome! You will find many great people and many, many fun things to do. We hope you'll have a great time with us at Hogwarts!

Common rooms:
gryff_lions the_puff_house
ravenclaw_house cunningfolk

Diagon Alley: The place to buy all your HIH needs!

This issues quiz is coming soon!

Apply to be a:
Registered Animagus
HP Character

Writing Communities:

Icon Making Communities:

Sponsored Shops

Attention Shop Owners!
Would you like to see your banner here? Then come over to this post to find out how!

By slumber

"Dear Professor Dumbledore,

I have a complaint to make. You see, I'm a Muggle-born. And I want to know why there are no Muggle sweets on the Hogwarts Express. It's been said that you have a great fondness for some Muggle candies. So why can we not have some Skittles or something on the train? It would probably be better for the first year Muggle-borns, too, to have some semblance of their regular life as they come away to this strange boarding school...

I Just Want Some Skittles ):

Dear I Just Want Some Skittles,

We actually tried including Muggle sweets in the Hogwarts Express a few years ago, but back then, witches and wizards were still, shall we say, Muggle-challenged, and when they ventured out to a Tesco to get candy, things did not turn out so well. Needless to say, the lack of Muggle sweets in the train is a Ministry-mandated rule as a result.


Dear Professor Dumbledore,

Enquiring minds want to know: Swim trunks or speedos?

Taking a survey

Dear Taking a Survey,

Please put me down for speedos.


Dear Professor Dumbledore,

It seems to me that I've come across a bit of a problem. You see, I really want to learn, well, about some things that are only available in the Restricted Section. I assure you completely that my intentions are completely innocent! It's for schoolwork! Really, for schoolwork. However, it's for a, hmm, surprise homework so I don't want to tell the teacher. What is your advice for me?

Just Want to Do Schoolwork

Dear JWtDS,

How about a better excuse and/or a cleverer ruse?


Write to Dumbles
You can write to your headmaster here; Dumbledore will try to respond to all letters, but there may be some delay before he gets to yours. All letters dealt with in strictest confidence.

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

Term XXIX, Issue 0X                                                                                                                              Page 2

By la_loony

By wasureneba

Welcome to our little fanfiction corner! Sugarquill has been hopping lately, and we're happy to bring all of its news to you.

June points are in! It was a crazy busy month, with tons of art and fic being posted. Congratulations to Gryffindor for earning the most points for June, with a whopping 2167 points! Phew. This post is your place to go for more points info, tags, and fic and art roundups.

The Houses of Hogwarts fest continues! Stories are due in just a little more than a week. I hope everyone's writing is going well!

July bingo and July prompts are up! Go here for bingo, including both card signups for July and tags for June bingo-ers! If you'd like prompts, go to this post.

Results are also in for Writer's Block #3, "Life is a song." Congratulations to Michiko/heartsignite for coming in first with Entry J, Ellie/erszebet for coming in second with Entry A, and Susan/susako for coming in third with Entry C. Well done, everyone! Congratulations also to Gryffindor for coming in first place overall in this challenge. All of the entries can be read here.

What with all this activity going on, there's definitely a good number of fics to be read! It's hard picking out just a few, but we've done our best!

If you're in the mood for adorable Remus/Sirius, go forth and read Cute by Empress/empressempoleon. It lives up to its title.

Mandy/mandyloo gives us some fantastic Hannah/Neville in the form of Invisible; it's a fic well worth squeeing over.

Crystal/bluemermaid brings us a Teddy Lupin vignette, Nothing but Everything, examining Teddy's relationship to his appearance. Go there if you want to start wondering what it means to be your real self.

Sam/pretty_panther brings us a beautiful ficlet about families of choice featuring Harry and Hermione; go and lipwibble.

Until next time, dear readers, may your quills be sharp!

hh_sugarquill sortedchallenge hogwartsicons
By evening12

Welcome to a new edition where you'll get to see some of the beautiful graphics produced by our fellow HiH-ers! Let's get things started with sortedchallenge. Challenge 3 was another big graphic challenge, with Ellie/erzsebet of Gryffindor taking 1st place with a Draco Malfoy graphic.

Tiffany/growling of Slytherin placed 2nd, while Susan/susako of Ravenclaw placed 3rd. Ravenclaw's Bei/sapphoatsunset received the award for "best image selection". Please take the time to check out all of the winning graphics over here. The banners for Challenge 2 have already been posted, so please grab your banner right here.

Challenge 4 saw lots of participation with an icon challenge. Kristine/flipflop_diva of Hufflepuff took 1st place, while Olivia/deshi_basara of Slytherin placed 2nd and Ellie/erzsebet of Gryffindor placed 3rd. The award for "best composition" went to Steph/alwaysawkward of Gryffindor.

And finally, here's how everything went down for Challenge 6. With 130 points, it's a Slytherin victory. Avi/flyingharmony of Hufflepuff took home 1st place with a banner featuring her OTP.

Slytherin's Jenna/jennashaped took home 2nd place, while Gryffindor's Ellie/erzsebet placed 3rd. The award for "best typography" went to Beth/djmayhem_aubrey of Slytherin. Please take the time to check out all of the winning graphics over here.

If you want to take part in the action, Challenge 7 is still ongoing. The deadline is Friday, July 11 at 11pm UTC.

Let's take this show on the road and see what's happening at hogwartsicons. If you were thinking of updating your wallpaper, Trin/belladiavolo of Slytherin might have just the thing for you with her collection of 4 Hogwarts Houses, 1 Death Eater, 1 Order & 1 Harry Potter wallpapers. Here is just a peek:

Enjoy the rest of the wallpapers at Trin's post

If music is more your thing, Julian/asphodel_rain has you covered with 3 different famixes.

See the rest of the fanmixes at Julian's post

Gryffindor's Alex/alex_parker shared 14 various icons with us. Here is a sample:

See the rest of the icons at Alex's post

Finally, let's turn our attention to our artists who share their work over at hh_sugarquill. Let's start with a bit of housekeeping: the July prompts. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are the 2 art prompts:

General Art Challenge #128
Finishing Level: Any

Specific Art Challenge #65
Elementary, my dear.
Medium: Colored pencils
Finishing Level: Any

For your viewing pleasure, here are two different renditions of Albus Dumbledore. Gryffindor's Rene/isaac_of_nine brings us a pirate Dumbledore with his trusty Fawkes.

Stop by Rene's post to leave some comments.

Delphine/nearlyconscious of Ravenclaw shares an equally fun Dumbledore piece.

Stop by Delphine's post to leave some comments.

This is it for this edition! But before I leave you, I want to wish a belated Canada Day to my fellow Canadian HiH-ers, and a belated Independence Day to our American HiH-ers. Keep on posting and you might find yourself in the spotlight next time!

By la_loony

Hello Flourish visitors,

Welcome back to the Flourish column. I only have one interview today, because it was just a bit too close to submission day to interview our new shops on the block. They will be featured next time.

+ July is here and that means a new theme is in town! You still get extra points if your delivered tags feature one of the fonts you can find over here. And due to the new theme, a lot of existing tags just got themed. How? Because the July/August theme is all about Oscar-winning movies. All kinds of Oscars. So most Disney tags just got themed. Everything Lord of the Rings got themed. You have movie tags or tags of related fan art or quotes and you don't know if they're of a winner? Check wikipedia here. Just search for the name of your movies. That list is really long, so chances are you already have themed tags in your shop. Except your Harry Potter tags. Because they won nothing :(

+ THE SIGTAG BAZAAR IS BACK! In case you weren't around the last time, this means the following two things:
1) Everyone who is interested and fast enough can sign up for a stall. You only need to make a little banner with a stall name (nothing you already used for a stall or shop) and four example tags so people can see your work.
2) As a customer, you can get a ton of tags for things you always wanted. It's like Flourish went completely custom tags. Once the ordering post is up, you can go through the stalls and decide on the style or what stalls say they prefer to make to help you decide where you order (and you can totally order everywhere). You can say 'I'd like this' and list something or provide a quality image you want to be turned into a tag. The sky is the limit basically, and it's awesome.

Time to sign up for a stall might be close to over when this issue is out, but definitely keep your eyes out for the ordering post. It'll be out soon.

+ Gryffindor is still the house with all shop spots filled, and Slytherin is almost there as well with only 1 open spot left. There are 2 for Hufflepuff and 4 for Ravenclaw, so if you are interested, just apply over here and start making people happy with tags today :)

And now the shopkeeper:

A songbird's dream by heartsignite

So since this is the only featured shop this issue, you have to focus all your tag shopping energy there^^ Michi has a lovely collections of tags to choose from, from the mandatory Harry Potter tags to a neat collection of stock tags and a good mixture of fandom tags to mostly different Disney tags that include really great fanart tags and (since I just started watching I have to mention it) Orange is the New Black tags that are pretty damn cool. So head over there and have a look for yourself.

1. Which are your three favorite tags in your shop right now?

I love Vivanne du Bois' art, and mermaids are my favorite mythical creatures (it's a slight obsession, let's be real here), so I LOVE this tag. It's got Ariel, du Bois' art, and I really do want to be a mermaid. x3

This is one of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite books, so I was thrilled when I saw this little artsy quote for it. It's from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, which was one of the first "grown up books" I read as a kid. =P

This was one of the first tags I made for my shop, so I have a soft spot for it. I really like that particular lyric (from "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson), and I like the way the texturing turned out. And birds!

2. How do you get inspiration and ideas to make new tags?
I get inspiration from things that I like: tv shows, textures, movies, people, etc. I like to loiter on Tumblr and Pinterest, and I'll often get ideas from there. Tag-making is a form of self-expression that I hope others will enjoy, and it's just really satisfying to make pretty things inspired by people or things I like! I also get ideas from current trends and fandoms that I know other people enjoy. And sometimes, I get suggestions, which are always great, too. =)

3. What are your plans for additions to your shop in detail and/or general?
Well, I actually just re-organized/designed my shop last weekend (which was a relief, because it was starting to get overwhelming). I'm happy with my current organization scheme, so I'll probably keep it for a while. In general, expect to see quite a few more fandom-ish tags! I have a list of shows and movies that I'm currently sifting through. And definitely expect to see some pretty mens and womens. ^_~ Other than that, I'm always open to suggestions. I love hearing what people like to not only see in the shops, but also use in their posts. Otherwise, pretty things are just pretty! =)


This is it for the shops this issue. And now for that link that you probably always dream about at night: The Flourish Directory!

Have fun at Flourish HiH, have fun!

By csichick_2

While we are between Hogsmeade weekends, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty going on.

Don’t forget to check the Flourish delivery post if you haven’t yet. There have been some additions to the post since the last issue.

All the results are in, so don’t forget to check for your banners if you haven’t already.

A special congrats to the following: Bonster/jacklemmon of Ravenclaw for most Inventive Activity, Dani/pinkphoenix1985 and Crystal/bluemermaid of Hufflepuff with Most Theme-Fitting Activity, Holly/iam4him of Gryffindor with Favorite Points Earning Activity, and Whitney/csichick_2 of Hufflepuff with Favorite Social Director Activity. Let’s not forget those that earned the Superawesome banner (and were probably a little sleep deprived): Ellie/erzsebet, Adrienne/x_____starlight, and Emily/xonceinadream of Gryffindor, Caitie/caitieness and Whitney/csichick_2 of Hufflepuff, Christa/c_hrista of Ravenclaw, and William/mmailliw of Slytherin.

Last but not least, the theme for our next weekend has just been announced. It’s Blast to the Past and will be August 8-10th! Keep your eyes peeled for more details.

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

Term XXIX, Issue 04                                                                                                                              Page 3

gryff_lions|Flourish Shoppes|Pirates
By xonceinadream

We have a 3 new cubs!
Laura/bolshevistsINTRO POST!
Maryann/memeann012084INTRO POST!
Arthur/cxrdevilINTRO POST!

We had 18 top sorters for June Week 3 and one SHINING STAR SORTER Steph/alwaysawkward!
We had 19 top sorters for June Week 4 and one SHINING STAR SORTER Julian/asphodel_rain!

It is officially Padfoot Month! Check out this initial post full of amazing doggy GIFS and add your own!

Lions Wandering the Halls of HIH

Morgan/wizbey: 12% of the Moment
Alex/gryffinwhore: Spiral Queen
Martine/la_loony: Lost in the Woods
Alexandra/coolceruleanblu: The Knitted Cauldron
Steph/alwaysawkward: That's Irrelevant
Jess/rhye: Bloodless
xonceinadream: The Rainbow Connection
Ellie/erzsebet: Drama Bomb
Nikki/stillandstorm: Flower Children
Michi/heartsignite: A Songbird's Dream

Congrats to Ellie/erzsebet, who was our top earning shopkeeper of the month for June! All of our shopkeepers earned a whopping 7537 points for Father Gryffindor!

Adrienne/x_____starlight: 15 GoF Banners
Ellie/erzsebet: 10 Wallpapers, 10 Wallpapers, 10 Ron Wallpapers
Michelle/shellzconlon: 16 PoA Banners
Holly/iam4him: 2 Fanmixes, 1 "is love" Banner
Maryann/memeann012084: 6 icons, 4 bases, 1 Banner
Julian/asphodel_rain: 4 Fanmixes
Steph/alwaysawkward: 15 Banners/Tumblr Graphics
Michi/heartsignite: 9 Wallpapers, 2 Icons
Beth/prongsy: 6 Headers/Banners
Alex/alex_parker: 14 Icons

There was a HUGE jump in participation in this comm for us this month! We did 1722 points, which is almost DOUBLE what we did in May! Ravenclaw is ahead of us by 563 points! Let's get working on eliminating that lead!!!!

Ellie/erzsebet: Art Challenges
Rene/isaac_of_nine: Follow Luna for More Soft Grunge, DumbledARRR, I'm Really Not Okay
Beth/prongsy: Various Sketches and a Doodle
Adrienne/x_____starlight: 25 Haikus
Michi/heartsignite: His Choice, The Courtesan
Heather/lovestyle: 'Eyyyyy
Alex/gryffinwhore: Quidditch
Muffin/muffinpatronus: It's a-me, Luna
Maryann/memeann012084: Only You
Holly/iam4him: Sea Battles, The Pirating Adventures of Arthur Weasley, 6 Haikus
Julian/asphodel_rain: The Very Definition of Unexpected Pregnancy (Or, Why Hogwarts Needs Sex Ed Classes)

We brought in a whopping 2167 points for the month of June! Congrats everyone!

Writers Block!

Michi/heartsignite won 1st place in Writer's Block 3!
Ellie/erzsebet won 2nd place in Writer's Block 3!

Sorted Challenge!

Ellie/erzsebet won 1st place in Sorted Challenge 3!
Ellie/erzsebet won 3rd place in Sorted Challenge 4!
Steph/alwaysawkward won Best Composition in Challenge 4!
Ellie/erzsebet won 3rd place in Sorted Challenge 5!

the_puff_house|Flourish Shoppes|Puffs of the Round Table
By flipflop_diva

Hello, Puffies!

It’s been a relatively quiet three weeks — mostly because I think most of you are still in hibernation mode, which cool, cool, we all deserve a rest every now and then — but there have been a few moments of excitement.

Let’s start with our new bb!badgers. There are three little (and not-so-little) ones roaming the den this month: Samantha/valerie_jackson (who is actually a returnee! Her intro post is here), Britt/darylsdixons (find her intro post here) and Amber/delenas (her intro post is here). Welcome to the Puff House, you three! If you haven’t yet met your Big Badgers or gotten your newbie sigtag, check here for that info. For all of you who are not new, sign up here to be a Big Badger or a Newbie Sigtag Maker.

The July In-House has yet to be posted, but results for June are up. If you haven’t yet, go take a look at some of the creations. My personal favorite is this one from Emily/liriene:

Now, for the exciting portion of the Puff column, let’s do some Badger Shoutouts to awesomesauce Puffs:
• Congrats to Caitie/caitieness for being third most active in June (by only two activities)!
• Congrats to Caitie and Whitney/csichick_2 for earning Superawesome at June’s Hogsmeade!
• Congrats to Crystal/bluemermaid for being Puff’s Most Active Poster at hh_sugarquill in June!
• Congrats to Avi/flyingharmony for placing first in sortedchallenge’s Challenge 4 and first in Art Club’s Fancast Icons.
• Congrats to Caitie for placing first in Owl Post Secret’s Mixtape Exchange Covers.
• Congrats to Jennifer/nanerbear and Britt/darylsdixons for being our latest Star Sorters.
• And finally, congrats to EVERYONE for stepping it up and winning SIX activities in the last two weeks (which has pretty much increased our winning total by six). There is life in the Puff House after all! :) (Just kidding. I love you guys, even if you do nothing all term.)

I think that’s it. Remember, you can still be social without being active. Check out the weekly roundups for exciting news, stop by Puff Chat to hang with Crystal, Whitney and me or come add your name to the spreadsheet.

And until next edition, love you guys lots!

ravenclaw_house|Flourish Shoppes|Vikings
By pretty_panther

Well, hello there, this is Sam/pretty_panther, covering for the wonderful Emma this week.

July In House has landed. A crossword made of riddles you say? Bring it on.

Andie wants to know if you're up for Game Night!? Polls and suggestions are here, there and everywhere!

Plus Chelsea wants to know How you are?. Yay caring prefects :) There is everything from what you are doing and watching to wearing!

Sam — um, that is me — wants to know if you know about the Claw Twitter and how fabulous it is. Don't be afraid of your twitter because Ravenclaw house is all about ours!

People with a June Birthday should really go and check out this super awesome link right here, yup.

Which Claws are flying high? Check it out right down here and then maybe leave them some love and cookies. Everyone likes cookies no?

Christa/c_hrista placed 3rd at Owl Post Secret's Mixtape Exchange Covers!
Christa/c_hrista and Chelsea/interchanges along with Andie/tralfamadore earned regular and awesome participation at June's Hogsmeade!
Christa/c_hrista earned superawesome at June's Hogsmeade AND was number 1 in June activities.
Susan/susako placed 3rd at Writer's Block #3!
Delphine/nearlyconscious maxed out at hh_sugarquill while Christa/c_hrista, Sam/pretty_panther, and Bei/sapphoatsunset maxed out like bosses at hogwartsicons.

I love you, Clawwwwws! Rah, Rah, Ravenclaw. Keep pushing!

cunningfolk|Flourish Shoppes|Vampire
By growling

Hello, my fellow gorgeous snakes! Let’s see what you sneaky serpents have been getting on with lately, shall we?

• First, we welcomed TWO new snakes into the dungeons recently — Jenna/jennashaped and Trin/belladiavolo! They have been killer additions! WELCOME!
• Speaking of, Trin/belladiavolo was our most recent Star Sorter! Way to go! If you haven’t gotten to sorting yet this week, now is your chance — snag the title for yourself!
• Start July off with a BANG and participate in this month’s In-House!
• Be sure to continue checking out Motivational Monday and Snake Attack Sunday for all the fun ways to earn our house some points!

Now on to Slytherins Around HiH!

WE WON AN ACTIVITY! We had great participation and we were victorious in Care of Magical Creatures In The Mind of a Hippogriff club activity! Let’s keep that up, Snakes!

• Congrats to William/mmailliw for placing second in the Zodiac activity for Smarmy Society!
• Tiffany/growling posted a new activity for Art Club entitled Picturesque Puzzles.
• Olivia/deshi_basara posted a new activity for Music Club entitled Mixtape Exchange.
• Krystal/autumn_mist posted a new activity for Charms Club entitled Flitwick’s Tests Part III.
• Congrats to Tiffany/growling for winning Club Leader of the Month for June!

• We have been kicking some butt at Sorted Challenge lately! Congrats to Tiffany/growling for placing second in Challenge #3, Olivia/deshi_basara for placing second in Challenge #4 and Jenna/jennashaped for placing second and Beth/djmayhem_aubrey for snagging Best Typography in Challenge #5!

We also earned the most points in Sorted Challenge #5! WIN WIN SLYTHERIN!

• Krystal/autumn_mist has shared two wonderful Slytherin Halloween VIP Party Fanmixes here and a Draco Malfoy 10 Variations icon set here.
• Trin/belladiavolo posted 7 very cool and “wordy” wallpapers here.

• Cyn/cyn_ful posted a drabble entitled A Decision, which can viewed here, and artwork entitled A Lady in the Wind, which can be viewed here.

If you are in the mood for some new sigtags, be sure to check out ALL of the lovely Slytherin Shops open at Flourish!

Cyn/cyn_fulUltimate Surprises
Olivia/deshi_basarathree a.m.
Bella/nicevennLet Them Eat Cake
Krystal/autumn_mistAccio Malfoy
Jenna/jennashapedLambent Dreams (Coming Soon)

We currently have ONE Slytherin Shop spot left! If you are interested in making graphics and earning some points for our house, then why not apply for a spot?

That’s it from me, my lovely snakes! Remember, you are AWESOME! ♥

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

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  • FAQ & Rules

    Hey Guys! Rules & FAQ for the community have been updated. Took out some bits that weren't relevant (why did we have a sorting guide in there?!)…

  • Quidditch Mods

    Hi Everyone! I'd like you all to give a warm welcome to your two new Quidditch mods: alwaysawkward & mrdavismd! Guys, if…