The True Bohemian Revolutionary (weemumlessmngrl) wrote in hogwartsishome,
The True Bohemian Revolutionary

Dear Madame Prittyproppa


We've just decided to do a love column. For fun, really. But, our creativity is burned out on writing these articles, so faux-ing up some articles on our own would be just.. just.. DEVISTATING, REALLY. So, we're asking for your help.

We need a few quick love help requests. Think Dear Judy, but know it's going to be twisted and messed up. In your letter, we need you to state the actual names of the people involved, but just for referrence.

For example, if I wanted to do one for my NP Character, I'd write:

"Dear Madame Prittyproppa,

I'm devistated, absolutely devistated. I'm engaged to be wed, and my soon-to-be husband.. well, he's a fighter of the good. And I'm a supporter of the Dark Lord. I'm afraid he's only with me to satisfy his own needs in bringing down the Death Eaters!

What should I do?

Lost in Love in Scotland

Characters- Genevieve O'Dwyer and Simon Harding"

Now, we won't put down the names of the people involved in the paper, but you know what I mean. Feel free to have them from RP characters, RL people, whatever. Just prepare to be.. humoured..?
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