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Term XXVIII, Issue 8

The Daily Prophet is hiring! The following positions are open:
  • Gryffindor Correspondent
  • Ravenclaw Correspondent
  • Flourish Correspondent
  • Comics writer
  • Pinch writers!

    If interested, please sign up here!

    Term XXVIII, Issue 08                                                                                                                              April 28, 2014

    Welcome to hogwartsishome! You will find many great people and many, many fun things to do. We hope you'll have a great time with us at Hogwarts!

    Common rooms:
    gryff_lions the_puff_house
    ravenclaw_house cunningfolk

    Diagon Alley: The place to buy all your HIH needs!


    Activity: Human Interest, Part 2
    Details: Pick one of the pitched topics from the previous activity (cannot be your own if you suggested some), and write a 150-word article covering it. The editor will select a few that will be featured at the last Daily Prophet issue of the term!

    House Totals:
    Gryffindor: 10
    Hufflepuff: 15
    Ravenclaw: 0
    Slytherin: 0

    By xonceinadream


    ►Officials have been announced for Term XXIX. Let's give a round of applause and a welcome to all the new (and returning) officials.

    HiH Head Mod

    HiH Mods
    la_loony - xfortytwo - slumber - rebel

    Gryffindor Prefects
    prongsy - alex_parker

    Hufflepuff Prefects
    pinkphoenix1985 - bluemermaid

    Ravenclaw Prefects
    interchanges - pretty_panther

    Slytherin Prefects
    autumn_mist - growling

    Animagus Mods
    rhye - TBD

    Appeals Mod

    Clubs Mods
    interchanges - flipflop_diva

    Daily Prophet Editor

    Flourish Mods
    nikkikitty - csichick_2

    Hogwarts Icons Mods
    alwaysawkward - flipflop_diva

    Hogsmeade Mayors
    erzsebet - gryffinwhore

    The Order Mod

    SortedChallenge Mods
    nickershnick25 - jacklemmon

    Sugarquill Mod

    Stamping Mod

    Voting Manager

    ►The Order posted results for Part One of All About You and Part Two is currently open until April 30th, 2014 at 11pm UTC.
    ►Hogwarts is Home hosted a Friending Meme! It's still open so pop in there, post your information and possibly find some new friends. And be sure to pimp it out so everybody can see that the fandom isn't dead!


    ►Emma/storminmay is getting back into Neopets and would like to add people on there.
    ►Curtis/musikurt would like you to check out a M/M rares fanfiction exchange.

    Don't forget to check out HIH on twitter and tumblr. @hihnews and fromplatform934.

    Apply to be a:
    Registered Animagus
    HP Character

    Writing Communities:

    Icon Making Communities:

    Sponsored Shops

    Attention Shop Owners!
    Would you like to see your banner here? Then come over to this post to find out how!

    By slumber

    "Dear Dumbles,

    What's the best way to get noticed? How can I get respect from my colleagues and attention from my superiors? I need to move up in my life and make a name for myself.

    Bottom Rung"

    Dear Bottom Rung,

    I'm a big believer in letting your work and attitude speak for themselves -- if you're in the right kind of place, that should be enough. Go the extra mile and be extraordinary. Care about what you do and it will show. Be worthy of respect and attention and good things will happen to you. Good luck!


    "Dear Dumbledore,

    What's your favourite shop at Hogsmeade?

    –Curious 3rd Year"

    Dear Curious 3rd Year,

    I've a fondness for Honeyduke's, but I would say I probably spent most of my time at The Three Broomsticks.


    "Dear Dumbledore,

    Sometimes, I wish a day had more than 24 hours. I heard that some people have used time turners before, for example to visit multiple lessons at once. Would you recommend a time turner for daily use, so I could both, get work done and have fun?

    Thanks in advance!

    Your Time-Travel-Friend"

    Dear Time-Travel-Friend,

    While at first a time turner might sound like a good idea at first, there is a reason why there are plenty of restrictions around its use. I'd recommend you try to see how much work and fun you could do in a day's time-- there's something to be said about the importance of something when we know how little of it we have, after all.


    "Dear Dumbledore,

    What's the best recipe for hot chocolate?

    Marshmallow Lover"

    Dear Marshmallow Lover,

    Oh, Madam Rosmerta's, hands down. I've been trying to get her to give me the recipe for decades now, but she won't budge.


    Write to Dumbles
    You can write to your headmaster here; Dumbledore will try to respond to all letters, but there may be some delay before he gets to yours. All letters dealt with in strictest confidence.

    If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

    Term XXVIII, Issue 08                                                                                                                              Page 2

    By la_loony

    By wasureneba

    Sugarquill has been a bit quiet recently -- but that doesn't mean we're lacking in news. Officials for Term XXIX have been announced, so please welcome our new overlord, the ever-wonderful Evy/slumber! We're excited to see what Evy has in store for the comm.

    In this issue, we'd like to spotlight some of the great stuff from last Hogsmeade! The Sugarquill fic and art exchange can be viewed in is entirety here. A few fics are highlighted here, but check out the whole exchange -- there's some great stuff in there.

    Noelia/sickle_girl brought us a Glee crossover featuring Luna Lovegood and Gilderoy Lockhart; witness this beautiful thing here/.

    Julian/asphodel_rain gave us some Scorpius/Albus for those who need a bit of nextgen in their life.

    Tiffany/growling and Cyn/cyn_ful teamed up for a great pair of drabbles, featuring one Lucius Malfoy, a bejeweled comb, and a tiny Draco. The thread is here.

    Sam/pretty_panther has family feels for you, featuring Harry, Ron, and the Weasleys.

    If you needed some giggles, Kristy/spook is here for you, with Oliver Wood's first Quidditch match.

    This is the last article of this term; we're looking forward to seeing you all next term, fresh and sharp-eyed!

    hh_sugarquill sortedchallenge hogwartsicons
    By evening12

    The term is coming to an end dear HiH-ers so let's see what our graphic and art communities shared with us since the last edition shall we? sortedchallenge posted the results for most of their challenges (and by the time this edition comes out the results for the last challenge just might be out!). Challenge 13 saw a return to icons. Slytherin and Hufflepuff swept up all of the placements. Olivia/deshi_basara of Slytherin placed 1st, while Hufflepuff's Kristine/flipflop_diva and Nikki/nikkikitty placed 2nd and 3rd. William/mmailliw of Slytherin received the award for "most creative".

    Carola/carola_d of Gryffindor took 1st place in Challenge 14's Tumblr challenge by using some nice blending techniques. Gryffindor's Jess/rhye placed 2nd, while Yulia/yu_lia of Slytherin placed 3rd. Both Caitie/caitieness of Hufflepuff and Krystal/autumn_mist of Slytherin received the award for "best interpretation of the prompt(s)". Take a second to stop by and check out all of the placing graphics.

    Here's what's new at hogwartsicons! Nikki/stillandstorm of Gryffindor shared some lovely icons featuring the actors of Harry Potter. Here is a sample:

    Come over, and leave Nikki some comments, right here

    Tiffany/growling of Slytherin posted some black and white banners of various moments in the film series.

    Check out the other graphics, over at Tiffany's post.

    Over at hh_sugarquill, Rene/isaac_of_nine of Gryffindor shared with us a piece featuring a young Regulus Black who is a clandestine artist.

    Stop by Rene's post to see the art in full size and leave some comments.

    I'm off for this edition of the Daily Prophet, but do take the time to check out our art and graphic communities. Keep on sharing your wonderful pieces of art and you might find yourself in the spotlight next time!

    By interchanges

    The term is wrapping up, but there's still a few ways you can grab some last minute points doing fun activities at Clubs.

    Have you always thought a certain celebrity looks a lot like a Harry Potter character? Share your Celebrity Look-A-Likes in Slug Club's latest activity by TONIGHT, April 28 at 10pm UTC.

    Find out who the new Minister of Magic is by solving the puzzle for Ministry of Magic's latest activity by TONIGHT, April 28 at 11:59pm UTC.

    Charms Club wants you to practice your Silencing Charms. Respond to the prompts using only pictures by April 29, 1pm UTC.

    Have you caught the 2048 bug yet? DADA's current activity has a version of 2048 featuring Professor Snape! Screencap your highest score before April 29, 11pm UTC.

    Like puzzles? Head over to CoMC's One Night in the Forbidden Forest and there's 3 for you to solve by April 29, 11:59pm UTC.

    Over in History of Magic, it's time to make a Movie Mood Board! Show how HP would have looked if it had been set in any other era. This is due on April 30, 12am UTC.

    You're probably familiar with still life art. But what about photography? Take a still life photo for Shutterbug Society's activity by April 30, 10pm UTC.

    Practice your swish and flick in DADA's latest activity and solve the maze by April 30th, 11pm UTC.

    Remember, you can find all current activities under the current tag.

    A lot of results are still pending, but they should be posted soon so keep an eye on that results tag! In the meantime, here are a couple to highlight.

    Tiffany/growling of Slytherin placed first in Young Death Eaters' Who is that Auror? with the following entry:

    For Care of Magical Creatures' Unicornucopia, members wrote poems about unicorns. Kristine/flipflop_diva of Hufflepuff came in first with the following:

    Are you real,
    Or just a dream?
    Are you really
    What you seem?

    A perfect creature
    Oh, so pure
    For all the darkness
    You are the cure

    Your horn stands out
    Above the rest
    Proving to all
    You are the best

    Escape the forest
    Run far away
    Evil won’t take you
    Least not today

    You stand for good
    You stand for grace
    You’re here then gone
    Without a trace

    Were you here,
    Or just a dream?
    I think you’re really
    What you seem.

    February's Leader and Member of the Month were finally announced. Congratulations to Susan/susako of Care of Magical Creatures for being a BAMF leader and Kristine/flipflop_diva for being a BAMF member.

    That's it for now. Look forward to more awesome club activities next term :D

    Tweet Tweet

    Two Ravenclaws have taken flight on the Muggle invention called Twitter, constantly chatting to each other via character-limit. Those who stumble across their tweets are warned however that they click any links at their own risk!!

    Plagiarizer in our Midst?

    We're not naming names but we've heard this author, whose books have all topped the 10 Best Sellers list, may not have lived out the adventures he has written about. Good thing this one is known as much for his looks as his books!

    Pause for Paws?

    There have been pawprints left in ink around the castle lately! Rumor has it we have a new mysterious beast roaming the halls. Caretaker Argus Filch has sworn it was not his beloved Mrs. Norris who left the marks (and swears to ban whoever is getting this mess around the castle), so we're left to wonder... whose paws are messing up our halls?

    Got gossip? Tell us here!

    By starfaerie82

    This month, I thought I'd give in to my impish nature and write up some funny and snarky horoscopes. These are meant to be a joke, so please don't be offended... This is what happens when I don't get enough sleep.

    The sky is falling! HA! Made you look! Seriously though, you might want to clean up that mess over there before it buries you and we have to excavate! I mean it, and by the way.... what's that smell? I think something might have died in the corner. Maybe the mass of flies wasn't clue enough?

    See that set of giant brass scales over there? They aren't just for weighing potions ingredients; they're also a message practically swatting you upside the head to not let your ambition get the best of you. Snakes under this sign should pay particular attention to this warning.

    You are on the biggest roll of your life and nothing's going to knock you down! Watch for falling anvils by the way, they will DEFINITELY knock your butt down a few pegs! On a lighter note, flying lessons are only a good idea if we are talking about piloting a plane, not dressing up like a giant bird and making an idiot of yourself. No Darwin awards, people!

    Duuuuude! You need a GIANT chill pill! Seriously, sit down, take a deep breath, and just relax for once. Being strung tighter than high tension wires does nobody any good, least of all you, so knock it off already. The whole world is not out to get you-- only a select few, and you probably know who they are anyway.

    Hate to break it to you, but the world is not your stage and everybody is getting tired of your drama-mongering. On a lighter note, if the winter has left you a little overly furry I can help you with that... There's this wonderful new invention called Nair, it'll cure ANY shedding problem in a flash!

    I know this is hard for you, but sometimes you just need to go with the flow, and no I am not discussing the flow of that mudslide behind you. You might want to move several feet that way so you don't get buried. People call you a stick in the mud but Halloween was months ago and really, you'll never get those stains out.

    You are not a waffle, so quit standing at that fork in the road and just pick a direction already before you die where you stand! Seriously, you aren't a glacier, and at this rate, even those huge hunks of ice move faster than you do. On a much lighter note, it is coming up on summer, so maybe the glaciers will melt and you can just ride the flood. Hope you can swim!

    Just so you know, you aren't always right. Yup, I said what everyone else was thinking. Ain't I a stinker? Really though, being right all the time must be exhausting. Why don't you lie down on that nice comfy bed over there and get some sleep? I mean it-- you're awfully cranky.

    Quit yelling at your kids and take a moment to breathe before you pass out. People have to learn from their mistakes in their own time and you aren't helping if you go in behind them and clear up their messes. Let them fall flat on their faces, but be there with the first aid kit in case there's blood.

    Being a wallflower and a chameleon can have its advantages, but it might be dangerous if you are too well-hidden. Going hunting without blaze orange is downright dangerous, so maybe speak up and learn to honor the things that make you special and unique. Not everybody can recite the greek alphabet backward while being tickled with peacock feathers, after all.

    You're definitely a horse of a different color but did you have to pick neon zebra stripes? We get it already: you're unique, intelligent, and despise conventional thinking. But there is such a thing as overdoing it and you pretty much blew past that several years ago. Tone it down a bit and people might actually be able to hear you over your wardrobe.

    It must be tiring to swim upstream like that all the time. Don't you think going with the flow and not having a screaming tantrum might be little easier on everybody? You don't have to live like a hermit or a gypsy. You can put down roots and even acquire some shiny new possessions, even if it's at the local thrift shop because money troubles keep you up at night and all. Really, a few creature comforts are a good thing.

    By lotrangel17

    Welcome to the newest edition of Flourish and Blotts.

    It was the mid-March edition of The Daily Prophet when last we met so let's start with some March results! First place in House Points went to Hufflepuff with Slytherin coming in a very close second; Ravenclaw was third in points with Gryffindor in fourth. Our top producers for the month were Alexandra/coolceruleanblu for Gryffindor, Nikki/nikkikitty for Hufflepuff, Ren/renrenren3 for Ravenclaw, and Tiffany/growling for Slytherin. The Shop Owner of the Month was also Alexandra/coolceruleanblu of Gryffindor! She earned her house 50 points and a shiny banner. Way to go everyone!

    We welcomed two new shops! First: Flower Children || A Gryffindor Storefront by Nikki/stillandstorm. It's a new named shop for Nikki who shared that she still has her bases from her old shop Moustachio, so if you want to order something from there just comment on her open shop catalog. Here are some fun tags you can catch at Flower Children:

    We also saw the reopening of Polka Will Never Die | a Ravenclaw shop by Bonster/jacklemmon. There are lots of fun tags here in this shop like these:

    As far as catalog updates there were plenty of those going around too! Colloquialisms - A Hufflepuff Shop by Caitie/caitieness added some re-purposed Hogsmeade tags including Cupcakes, Space and Spring in this catalog update. Check out these adorable tags:

    Another great update was Flight of Fancies | A Ravenclaw Shop by Juliette/elusive_j which had this update with some really great Disney, Heroes and Villains tags. Check out these two which I LOVE and ordered as I wrote this!

    In deliveries, we saw an awesome 284-point-earner from three a.m. | a slytherin shop with this delivery by Olivia/deshi_basara. This delivery included some fun new tags like these:

    That's Irrelevant; a Gryffindor Shop by Steph/alwaysawkward had a nice delivery with some great tags like these:

    One last reminder is about the Hogsmeade Shopkeepers - Delivery Spreadsheet. This awesome spreadsheet shows Hogsmeade deliveries organized in tabs by house, and then by username within the tab. Take a quick minute and check out the spreadsheet and get your Hogsmeade tags.

    As always there are still lots of Shop Spots open. If you have ever thought you might want to give it a try, now is the time. All you have to do is go HERE and apply! We have spots for 3 Lion, 3 Badgers, 6 Eagles and 3 Snakes right now.

    If you want to see everything that's new all at once just click the Catalog Update tag link. Now, head over to Flourish & Blotts and get some sigtag shopping done!

    By starfaerie82

    Hello hello hello!!!!

    We're coming up on the end of term already and wow did it ever go by fast! I hope you've all been busy with all the awesome activities our mods have put together for us. First though, let us take a moment to thank our mod team for this past term, Kaity/kaitydid33087 and Nikki/nikkikitty, both of the hard working house of Hufflepuff! Thanks for a great term ladies!

    Next up, we have a gentle reminder from our lovely mod team about participation in the community. If you haven't participated in an activity or voted on a batch of hopefuls this term, you are in severe danger of losing your form. Not sure where you stand? Our mods have kindly provided us with a spreadsheet, so check it out. If your name and form are highlighted in red, you are in danger; if you are not highlighted red, you're fine and you can celebrate a job well done!

    So, what do you do if you are in danger you ask? Well, since everything for term already ended, you're probably losing your form, but don't fret! You can always apply again. All you need to do is go to the application post and fill it out again. Disenchanted with your form but still want to be an animagus? You can find information about what to do for that by going to the place where you submitted your final essay and following the directions there.

    We are still moving and shaking with our habitat packs and I am sure our mods will have all the info about which pack did the best and the results of all our activities and voting up in the next week or so. Until next time, my friends!

    By flipflop_diva

    Hello, Hogsmeade lovers!

    Welcome to the last Hogsmeade column for Term 28. It’s been quite an adventurous four months, wouldn’t you say? First, we went back in time to meet the founders and then we raced all the way around the world in 80 hours.

    But it’s not over yet! Plenty of individual activity results have been posted, most of which have been won by the Puffs and the Snakes. On top of that, final results — and all the pretty banners and shiny trophies that go with them — were posted just last night! Congratulations to Christa/c_hrista and William/mmailliw for earning the Superawesome banner!

    There have also been results of another sort — the winners of Hogsmeade’s Race Around the World! In first place, congrats go to Whitney/csichick_2 of Hufflepuff. Following right on her heels was William/mmailliw of Slytherin. And following right on his heels was fellow housemate Silyara/trivalent of Slytherin. In addition, Slytherin House dominated the competition and won the trophy for most active house.

    Congrats to the three winners and to Slytherin house! Well done!

    Finally, before I leave you, we have one more set of congratulations — let’s give an awesome hand to our lovely mayors, Ellie/erzsebet and Alex/gryffinwhore, who did an amazing job and who will be returning in Term 29 to lead us to even more fun times.

    If you have any suggestions for them, or just want to offer some final thoughts on this past Hogsmeade, make sure to fill out the survey. Otherwise, I will see you all back here in Term 29!
    If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

    Term XXVIII, Issue 08                                                                                                                              Page 3

    gryff_lions|Flourish Shoppes|Pirates
    By xonceinadream

    Gryffindor! Are you ready for a new term? I hope that you are.

    It has been a quiet few weeks in the Common Room. We have a new cub in the Common Room! Welcome to Belle/bella_fusa who hasn't posted an introduction yet. It's great to have you in Gryffindor! Michiko/heartsignite did post their introduction so be sure to give them a warm welcome.

    Jess/rhye has been keeping The Spreadsheep updated. For new members (or if you just don't know), the spreadsheep is there for you to keep up with your activities and know where you can earn points and where you already have. It's a great resource!

    If spreadsheets aren't as much your thing, Martine/la_loony has Part Two of the April Activity Round-Up. There are still a couple of activities before the term ends, so go out and get those last-minute points, Gryffindor!

    And if you'd rather it was made into a game (let's be real, who wouldn't rather be playing a game?), we have a current round of Gryff or Participate up. Get to know your fellow Gryffindors and earn those points too. What could be better?

    I will give a little nudge here that the Daily Prophet is looking for a full-time writer for the Gryffindor column. If you're interested and have been around for at least two months then you should think about signing up here.

    Have a great last few days of term and let's make the next one really great!

    the_puff_house|Flourish Shoppes|Puffs of the Round Table
    By lotrangel17

    Hello again Puffaluffs!

    The end of another month and another term is upon us! I don't know about you, but I feel like it's just zooming right by!

    Let's give Dani//pinkphoenix1985 and Sam//samantha and Crystal//bluemermaid a big huzzah for an awesome term! And we are definitely looking forward to what the next term will bring from Dani and Crystal!

    Just a few reminders of things going on:

    Don't forget to stop by and vote for the In-House Superlatives! You have until April 30, 10pm UTC/6pm EDT to vote! Go vote for your fellow Puffs!

    You can see the list of prizes you've won for Knight Week here! If you've donated a prize, check in with your winner!

    You can still do our In-House activity! Stop by and share a prank you've pulled, or if you've never pulled a prank, then you're free to make something up!

    And for the places we've been awesome in:

    Caitie//caitieness won Best Interpretation of the Prompt for Sorted Challenge's Challenge 28! Congrats, Caitie!

    We came in 2nd with April stamping! Great work, guys!

    Look at all the awesome, guys! Nice job!

    Keep up the great work and keep being awesome! It's been a great term!

    ravenclaw_house|Flourish Shoppes|Vikings
    By susako

    'Sup, Claws? We're nearly at the end of term! It's been a bit of a quiet one for us, but we'll take to the skies next term, right?

    Can't talk, points to earn.

    There hasn't really been much Claw activity around HiH. Guess everyone's been a little busy... But here's a quick roundup of what has happened:

    → Bry/starfaerie82 was our Star Sorter for April week 3!
    → Sam/pretty_panther keeps up her regular fic posting by sharing some Pansy/Harry
    The last few issues of the Quibbler for the term!
    → It's been all about the In-House Awards in the tower!

    Woah, look at all those high fliers...

    As we reach the end of the term, let's say a big thank you to our lovely prefects, Emma/storminmay and Martine/evening12! Thank you for captaining the good airship Ravenclaw for this term! Good luck to our incoming prefects, Chelsea/interchanges and Sam/pretty_panther! XD Looking forward to it!

    Yeah, I already knew that.

    And with that, I step down as Claw Correspondent. Love you all! Stay cool, Ravenclaw!

    My work here is done!

    cunningfolk|Flourish Shoppes|Vampire
    By autumn_mist

    Welcome to another edition of "Cunningfolk", where I tell you all about the fun things going on over in the Slytherin Common Room.

    • A BIG WELCOME to Bella/nicevenn, our newest snake to be sorted into the dungeons.

    • CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER FOR Nicole/nickershnick25 & Whomp/whomp for becoming our NEWEST Star Sorters of Term XXVIII!! Speaking of Star Sorters... have you been collecting your tags? Now everyone who votes on an applicant gets a shiny tag to display!
    • Have you been checking out either the Motivational Monday or the Snake Attack Sunday posts? If not, you should!

    Now, on to Slytherins Around HiH!



    • Cyn/cyn_ful has posted a new event for the Ministry of Magic that can be viewed HERE. Make sure you're on the ROSTER to get those bonus points!

    • Beth/djmayhem_aubrey has posted a new event for the Slub Club that can be viewed HERE. Make sure you're on the ROSTER to get those bonus points!

    • Krystal/autumn_mist has posted a new event for the Charms Club that can be viewed HERE. Make sure you're on the ROSTER to get those bonus points!

    • Tiffany/growling has posted a new event for the Potions Club that can be viewed HERE. Make sure you're on the ROSTER to get those bonus points!



    • Congratulations are in order for Yulia/yu_lia for taking THIRD PLACE & Krystal/autumn_mist for winning Best Interpretation of the Prompt(s) in Challenge #14

    • Congratulations are in order for Olivia/deshi_basara for taking FIRST PLACE & William/mmailliw for winning Most Creative in Challenge #13



    • Don't forget, you can order a MAX of 10 sigtags from ALL our Slytherin shops located at hh_flourish if you find any that strike your fancy. Our current shop keepers are:

    Krystal/autumn_mist with Accio Malfoy

    Cyn/cyn_ful with Ultimate Surprises

    Tiffany/growling with Riddikulus

    Rachel/moony_blues with MoonyDoodles

    Sam/surmise with Ɣ∃ʁɨϯɐᎦ (Veritas)

    Olivia/deshi_basara with three a.m.

    Nicole/nickershnick25 with Born To Survive

    OR if you are graphically inclined yourself, why not apply for a spot?. There are currently still THREE spots available!


    And always remember Slytherin House — You ROCK!

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