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Hi Hi Hi! Updates and Text Contest

Since I've been home and sick...and had a baka (japanese for idiot...look I taught you something ^_~) steal my laptop away from me (at least he uploaded anime on it while he was using it) I am running a bit late.

You'll notice that pimp_cane is now in the voting stages. I'll post a new pic on Friday...and then go with the normal schedual of the comm next week until the lovely mod is back from her vacationing.

The scavanger hunt will be extended until after Hogsmeade. So it'll be due now on Monday.

sortedchallenge's challenge of the non-people graphics will be extended until Friday.

And now for the new stuff!!!!!!

The text contest for this month should be familiar to some of you. We're once again going to be creating a sorting hat song for HiH!!!! YAY

Here is the sorting song that was made for HH (it was my first official text contest ^_^)

Unfortunatly...since I can no longer see the entries of HH...I don't remember who the actual winners were. (Is bad I know...comment and let me know if the house verse is yours!)

Anyway...so here is the contest:

Write a house verse. You have an example linked here for you, but you also have at least 2 HP books that have sorting songs in them as well.

Extra credit:
1. Write a verse for one of the other houses. This will not be judged with the other verses, it's just for extra points and knuts! (Only one other house verse)
2. Write the "founders" verse. The above example founders verse was written by your's truly...
3. Write an ending verse. The ending verse above is rather small...but it fit.

The reason for the extra credit is this...each house will have one first place winner...thus everything would be equal except for the knut prize and participation. This way you have the chance to get even more participation points, a chance to get 1st place in the "founder's" verse, and a chance to get 1st place in the ending verse. Only prizes for first place will be given out for this contest.

PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SIGN WITH YOUR HOUSE!!! You will lose all participation points and your chance at placing if you do not sign with your house.

Any question, just comment to this post. All comments are screened so entries should be posted here as well. You have until Tuesday Midnight EST to get this in so that voting and points can be added up before the end of the month. (Can you believe its almost the end of the month already? O_o)
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