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Hi Hi All!

Since the feedback for the Trivia/Scavangerhunt contests was so positive, Bunny and I have decided to run a weekly contest devoted to them...in the main comm. That means you'll get me for text contests, Bunny for Misc contests, and usually both of our contribution into the trivia and scavangerhunts.

This week is a scavangerhunt. You'll have until Midnight EST on Monday to get these items into me in a comment.
Each item will be worth 1 point...but if you get all 10 items to me...you'll get a bonus of 5 points.

1) Find the name of an author and the name of his/her book that talks about the "evils of Harry Potter"
2) Find someone from one of the other houses that have at least 5 similar interests listed in their user info that you do, list the person, their house, and the interests.
3) Find a piece of fan art that depicts a crossover. Example: Harry Potter dressed as Sailor Moon....Draco Malfoy as a pokemon...ect. Post the link to the picture..
4) Find an auction on E-bay or something similar of someone selling homemade wands. Please make sure these are homemade...not the ones that are hand crafted by master carpenters and cost an arm and a leg to buy.
5) Find a story in which Snape is female (either was originaly female and was turned into a male, was originaly male and was turned into a female, ect.)
6) Find the most obscure Harry Potter merchandise you can...anything out of the ordinary...and I mean anything. The weirder the better.
7) Find a picture of someone from the Harry Potter cast drawn as a magical creature. (Veela!Draco doesn't count unless its VERY obvious.)
8) Harry Potter was just given a cell phone and needs to make a answer call message. In 100-150 words write a message that Harry would probably have on his answering machine.
9) Find a picture of Voldemort...any picture of Voldemort...as long as it's not an illustration from the books.
10) Find a website dedicated to Book!Harry and not Movie!Harry.

There you have it...have fun!
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