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Greater Los Angeles HP Meetup Tomorrow!

Hey all! I just wanted to take a moment to promote the Harry Potter Meetup for the Greater Los Angeles area. I know we have at least a few members who live in or near LA and this is really a fantastic way for you to help me harass them into joing HIH meet some local HP folks. The meetup is at the Farmers Market next to the Grove in LA and it's really a fabulous location. We usually end up moving to the Barnes & Noble at some point and hijacking some free Wi-Fi from the Apple Store which is across from B&N. Now of course, they best part is that you'll get to meet ME, but the rest of the group is also quite awesome and we always have a great time discussing wacky theories and HP in general and it's all just a whole lot of fun. So anyway, the linkydoo above will get you to the info about the meetup and you can always ask me if you have questions too. We meet the second Saturday of every month (so, like, tomorrow, yo).
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