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And, since this is an HP community and my question is HP related, I am asking it here.


Me and Bunny were discussing the privaledges given to the Headboy/Headgirl. Mainly for np_hogwarts (WHICH YOU SHOULD JOIN IF YOU ARE TOTALLY A LOVER OF RP AND NOT IN IT ALREADY *hem hem*). We've found lots of things about their duties.. like making rounds at night to insure that the place is safe, having use of the prefect bathrooms, etc. But it's kinda hard to find that sort of information online. And, I mean, forgive me if this is HP blasphemy or what have you, but I really don't want to re-read the entire series just to notate down what JK said the Headboy/Headgirl got.

Soooo.. do any of you guys know what all they have to do/get?

Also, am I mistaken, or do they have to stay in a rooms outside of the typical four-person dorm rooms? What with the rounds to make at night and all. Bun and I kept thinking they do, but then again, we're not sure if thats something we read in fanfiction or not. XD

ANYWAY, SO LET'S DISCUSS IT. Headboy/Headgirl privvies/responsibilities.
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