intotheheart (intotheheart) wrote in hogwartsishome,

Clubs Mid-Week Reminders

Vote for the September/October books for the Restricted Section here. Deadline: Sept. 9th

Apply to join SPEW Club (and find out the winners of their most recent contest) here.

Apply to join Dumbledore's Army, under the new leadership of voirs, here.

Apply to join the Charms Club (or comment to ensure you stay a member), up and running again with new Club Leader magelet, here.

Apply to join the DADA Club, now up and running with new Club Leader riku_chan, here.

Make a last minute guess for Herbfind #10 at the Herbology Club here. Deadline: Soon!!

And don't forget to apply for Club Leader of the Photography Club here! Deadline: Sept. 10th

Tags: reminder, term iii

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