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Harry Potter fandom applies to real life..

Before anyone gets too far into this post and takes it the wrong way, I promise you all that I am being sincere in posting this and mean no offense by it, in fact if anything I mean consolation and sympathy by it.

As many in my own house know I am a huge fan of the band Harry and the Potters, and when thinking over the whole Katrina situation, esspecially when it comes to members of our own community here at hogwartsishome I keep thinking back to their song "These Days Are Dark".. so, without further ado, the chorus of the song that we can think about in these trying times:

These days are dark
But we won't fall
We'll stick together though it all
These days are dark
But we won't fall

That is all I have to say. My thoughts, prayers and condolances go out to all who have been touched by this disaster in any way. Let us stick together in these dark times of the real world.

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