Kristi (sffl) wrote in hogwartsishome,


Hello, this is Kristi, formerly natasha_lumiere, with some short reminders:

On No Votes: Yes, you do earn points for no voting or muggling someone. Just wanted to clear that up. :)

Sig Tags/House Icons: I'd also like to remind you of something in the FAQ -- voting with a House icon or a sig tag will earn you 2 points, instead of the normal one awarded for voting.

Comments: Please, if you forget your name and house when voting on an applicant, do not sign with a second comment. I know it's a hassle to have to delete and start over, but when you're going through 20 apps a week with 70-110 votes apiece, it makes things so much faster when I don't have to look at subcomments.

Kristi, Ravenclaw
Voting Manager / Appeals Mod
Tags: reminder, term ii

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