The True Bohemian Revolutionary (weemumlessmngrl) wrote in hogwartsishome,
The True Bohemian Revolutionary

Last minute reminder..

No one has done it yet (thank god!), but I just wanted to make sure the thought was fresh on your mind before you jump into the debate. Guys, please remember that if you do not sign your comment, I do not give you points. Should you make a comment and forget to tag, delete the comment and repost it with your tag on it immediately. These debate threads get far too wild for me to go searching for comments to see who did what once the threads start to collapse.

Also, if you're using a sigtag, that's fine as well! Please just make sure that you've got your name and house on the sigtag, and that can be used as well. Also, please make sure that said sig-tag is within regulation of size.

I think that's all I need to remind you of! If you've got any questions, please direct them to this post, as questions posted within the debate might not be tended to as quickly.

Thanks, guys!

- Melinda

Let's also make sure that our comments are long enough to qualify as well. Five sentences makes up a comment that I will count. And no, one of those sentences cannot be your signature. :P
Tags: debate, reminder, term ii

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