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Stop press!

Welcome to your exclusive first peek at HiH Daily Prophet!
Please excuse the mess-the presses aren't up quite yet. However, we have just enough parchment for a very special announcement:

We are currently seeking submissions!

*Do you know what Dan Radcliffe had for breakfast yesterday?
*Do you HAVE what Dan Radcliffe had for breakfast yesterday?
*Have you heard some tantalising tidbit of gossip about GOF?
*Did you come across a page of the next book while rifling through JK's garbage last week?*

If its HP related and its news WE WANT TO KNOW!

Please note, this is a reputable paper. We do not print rumor and speculation. If your facts are not verifiable please submit them to The Quibbler.

Please friend hihdailyprophet to stay up to date with all the community and HiH news, and remember points are awarded for all verifiable submissions!

Sincerely, your editors,
jedilora & dear_prudence

*Disclaimer: HiHDP does not pay for any legal fees incurred whilst attempting to verify facts. This includes restraining orders, lawsuits, and various breaking and entering charges. Rifling through garbage is undertaken at your own risk!
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