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The Quibbler!

Hogwarts is Home is proud to announce its newest addition to the newstands, hihquibbler! Unlike hihdailyprophet, the Quibbler is entirely for unconfirmed news items -- rumours!! We are accepting ALL kinds of rumours for house points -- 3 points per rumor/article, up to ten (30 points) per week.

Currently we are accepting rumours/theories on:

Harry Potter Books
Harry Potter Movies
Hogwarts is Home Contests/Competitions/Members
HiH Now Playing Characters

And basically anything else Harry Potter/hogwartsishome related.

All rumours/theories can be submitted in the Letters to the Editors post here. Look for the first edition sometime next week :)

<3 intotheheart and weemumlessmngrl, your Quibbler Editors
Tags: term ii

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