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it's 5 AM and I HAVE A GOOD IDEA

So, I was thinking about my awesome HiH friends and wondered, "Hey, if we'd all really gone to Hogwarts, who would be in my year? Would I even be friends with my friends?!" (ANSWER: YES ALWAYS) so HEY:

If you had really been a student at Hogwarts, which year would have been your first and which would have been your last? (If you turned 11 after July 31st, you have to wait A YEAR HAHA sob)

This is pretty much gonna be "what year did you graduate from high school" but more fun ok

I started the series in 2000 (7 months before I turned 11, so I got to wait for my owl!!1) and we all know what happened in 2007, so those are my Hogwarts years IN MY HEART/REAL LIFE. Buuuut based on my birthday my first year would have started in 2001 (NOVEMBER BDAY, CURSES) and my seventh ended in 2008. I would have missed every canon character and the war. And, geez, my fourth year at HiH will start in January.

LET'S SEE IF WE CAN FIND YEARMATES :D which HiH members or canon characters would you have attended Hogwarts with?

I had a list but that required CODING and that's effort so, no. Here's a Google doc!
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