Miss Nikkie (bartendersgirl) wrote in hogwartsishome,
Miss Nikkie

Icontest Comm plug...affliate with HIH.

Got permission from Juppy to post this...

I have a comm that is a Lucius Malfoy *go figure, me create a LM comm*, that is a icon contest comm. pimp_cane It's like hp_chorus and hp_stillness in that you can get house points *10 points* just for entering the contests.

Every Sunday, I'll post a different pic of Lucius. That is the pic that you are to make the icon from. On Friday afternoon, I'll close the nomiations, so that voting can take place, and the winner can be announced late Saturday night.

Now every once in a while I may mix things up and decide to do a Draco theme or even a Snape or Tom Riddle theme. But most of the weeks it will be Lucius.

In order to get the five participation House Points, you must leave your name/house that you are in in your comments.

Tags: social post, term ii

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