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The Daily Prophet - Term XXIV Issue #1

Welcome to Term XXIV everyone. We are still in need of columnists for Hogsmeade and Comics. If you are interested in either of these positions or in signing up to be a pinch writer please head over to this post.

Term XXIV, Issue 01                                                                                                                              September 24, 2012

Welcome to hogwartsishome! You will find many great people and many, many fun things to do. We hope you'll have a great time with us at Hogwarts!

Common rooms:
gryff_lions the_puff_house
ravenclaw_house cunningfolk

Diagon Alley: The place to buy all your HIH needs!

By slumber



A special and warm welcome to all newbies who have joined us this term!

Congratulations to HUFFLEPUFF for winning the Term XXIII House Cup, and to Kristine//flipflop_diva for being the most active member of the term! Plus check out all the Term XXIII Awards Banners. Congratulations everyone!

The Term XXIV Layout Contest results have just come out — congratulations to Avi//flyingharmony!

Liz//erzsebet made the lovely Officials Icons for this term and you can check them all out here. Thank you Liz!

Don't forget to do one or both of the Order's activities this month: Create an HiH Blend (for the writer-y folks) and Designing HiH Blends (for the graphic-y folks). It's all about capturing the essence of HiH Houses in tea form, so go check it out and put your 2 knuts' worth in!

Speaking of the Order ... (hh_order) is looking for Phoenixes, particularly in Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Apply now and get the opportunity to help HiH, earn knuts, and plan for kick-ass activities this term. :)

Did you know that hogwartsishome has accounts on Twitter and Tumblr? Follow us there and get updates on HiH happenings even when LJ is being a fail. ;)

hogsmeadewkends dates have been announced, plus a discussion on possible themes!

A lot is changing in hih_yearbook! Check out the community to find out what. :)

New Jobs:

Term XXIV Officials:

Gryffindor Prefects:
erzsebet & gryffinwhore

Hufflepuff Prefects:
caesaria & flipflop_diva

Ravenclaw Prefects:
bookishgeek & tralfamadore

Slytherin Prefects:
autumn_mist & rebel

Animagus Mods:
bergeronprocess & interchanges

Appeals Mod:

Clubs Mods:
flipflop_diva & interchanges

Diagon Mod:

Daily Prophet Editor:

Flourish Mods:
lucentvictrola & rebel

Hogwarts Icons Mods:
pinksonia & tralfamadore

Hogsmeade Mayors:
scatteredintime & smash_leigh

Insomniacs Mod:

The Order Mods:
scatteredintime & slumber

SortedChallenge Mods:
rhye & surmise

Stamping Mod:

Sugarquill Mod:

Voting Manager:

Writer's Block Mod:

Yearbook Editor:

Applications Open:
The Daily Prophet is always looking for Staff & Pinch Writers! We are looking in particular for a Hogsmeade writer, Comics creator, and are always open to Guest Columns.

For Sale!

Stephanie//xsnarkasaurus has House Pride items on her Etsy shop!

Just for fun - Misc

Isa//scatteredintime was curious about Personality Types and Houses

Check out this Order-sponsored Pandora Friending Meme!

Hey HiH, when do you want to chat?

Muffin//muffinpatronus wants to know what you thought of the Harry Potter Wizard's Collection.
Disclaimer: The Just For Fun section is simply that - just for fun!

Want to place an ad? Contact the Daily Prophet today!

Apply to be a:
Registered Healer
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Attention Shop Owners!
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These letters have been recorded faithfully and without alteration by lexispice

Dear Dumbledore:
I'm not entirely new to my house (I've been here almost an entire term!), but sometimes, I feel lonely. What can I do to make more friends?
A Reticent Ravenclaw

Dear Lonely,
Ah yes, Hogwarts can be an overwhelming place, and you may feel lost in the sea of activities and people. It may help to remember that sometimes it’s much better having one or two close and loyal friends rather than a crowd of acquaintances. My suggestion to you is to choose one or two people whom you really like and just strike up a conversation. Hogsmeade is a wonderful time to look for new friends. Perhaps next Hogsmeade Weekend you can visit the Three Broomsticks. Good Luck!
Albus Dumbledore

Dear Dumbledore
What came first, the chicken or the egg?
Curious Claw

Dear Deep Thinker,
I must say I am flattered you would consider me wise enough to answer such an age-old question. But I’m afraid I must defer to one of your fellow Ravenclaws, Miss Luna Lovegood. Miss Lovegood was once asked a very similar question while under incredible pressure. She was asked:
Which came first, the Phoenix or the flame?
To which she replied most elegantly:
A circle has no beginning.</b>
Pretty impressive, don’t you think? Philosophy always makes me hungry for lemon drops.
Albus Dumbledore

Dear Dumbledore,
Will we ever get a straight answer out of you?
Confused in Slytherin

Dear Befuddled,
Your question reminds me strongly of a vacation I once spent with Elphias Doge on the banks of the Euphrates. We were surrounded by water lilies. There was a very unfortunate goblin whom we hired to be our tour guide. He was trying to determine where we would like to go next. I answered him with a penetrating look and a question of my own. I hope that clears things up for you a bit!
Wishing you many squashy chairs to sit upon,
Albus Dumbledore

Write to Dumbles
You can write to your headmaster here; Dumbledore will try to respond to all letters, but there may be some delay before he gets to yours. All letters dealt with in strictest confidence.

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

Term XXIV, Issue 01                                                                                                                              Page 2

By la_loony

hh_sugarquill hh_writersblock
By flyingharmony

Hello, fellow lovers of the written word! A new term has started, and let's welcome our freshly elected mod c_hrista of Slytherin, who is taking the place of etacanis of Gryffindor. Thank you for leading us through a great Term XXIII, Emily! If you are faithful followers of the community, you surely have noticed the large amount of submissions for challenges lately, and this is the reason why: Christa has already provided us with a thrilling mission to last for the entire term: the Sugarquill Prompt Bingo! Curious what this could be? Simply head over to the post for more information and signups; promises that this is going to be lots of fun as well as lots of creativity and many house points, so don't forget to check it out!

Of course, the famous Saturday Specials haven't been forgotten either. While artists were especially attracted to the Saturday Special 2.0: "Moustaches", writers used the first Saturday Special of the term to look back in time and see memories fade. One of them was the Sugarquill Mistress herself; Christa's own ficlet, Search for Memories, can be found here.

Last but not least, fans of The Hunger Games with tendencies to ship Harry and Hermione will find a perfect combination in Kristine aka flipflop_diva's epic masterpiece The Darkest Of Days, inspired by the trilogy. She's already posted her first four chapters here and here!

Let's head over to the hh_writersblock community that again will be led by Stephanie of Hufflepuff, who is also known as lotrangel17. Her first challenge, Dialogue Only, was conquered Hufflepuff House, with placement going to Avi // flyingharmony of Hufflepuff, who won the first place, Emma // bergeronprocess of Hufflepuff for second and a shared third place by Jess // rhye of Gryffindor and William // mmailliw of Slytherin. Congratulations, winners! For a detailed points breakdown, go here; if you'd like to read the fics, head over to the voting post!

Would you like to submit a story yourself after reading this? Then be sure to remember the changed due dates; from now on, challenges will be posted every Monday and are due seven days later; voting will end on Fridays, which gives you two more days to look through all the stories and vote!

Definitely be sure to grant either hh_sugarquill or hh_writersblock (or perhaps even both!) a visit and browse through all the fantastic works that are published there nearly every day. You will surely find something to read and enjoy yourself!

hh_sugarquill sortedchallenge hogwartsicons
By x_____starlight

The term may have just begun, but that doesn't mean we don't have some beautiful fanart to share!

At sortedchallenge, new mods Jess (rhye) and Sam (surmise) decided to start things off a little differently and hold a header/userinfo/icon contest as the first challenge! The layout for the community had been in use since 2008, so the mods decided it was time for a change. After many beautiful entries, we had four gorgeous winners: Muffin (muffinpatronus) of Gryffindor took first place, Phoebe (rebel) of Slytherin took second, and Alicia (blackestbird) of Gryffindor and Avi (flyingharmony) of Hufflepuff tied for third!

Congrats to all the winners! And make sure you check out the community to see Muffin's header and icon in action!

The start of term also means new banner makers! The first banner maker challenge of the term was held in mid-September, with Liz (erzsebet) of Gryffindor taking first and Avi (flyingharmony) of Hufflepuff taking second AND third!

In addition, Kristin (kristinattack) of Ravenclaw and Phoebe (rebel) of Slytherin placed fourth and fifth, respectively, which means these four lovely ladies will be our banner makers for the beginning of the term! We also have two new backup banner makers, Nicole (nickershnick25) of Slytherin and Amber (amberdowny) of Ravenclaw. Congratulations, I look forward to seeing your banners in the coming months!

The results for the second challenge (the first icon challenge of the term!) will be revealed in the next Daily Prophet edition, but in the meantime, you can still enter challenge 3 here until September 29 at 3am UTC!

Over at hogwartsicons, there's been a lot of great graphics posted since the start of term! Phoebe (rebel) of Slytherin shared 16 banners of various stills from the films, all of which have lovely coloring that really speaks to the emotion in the scene:

Avi (flyingharmony) of Hufflepuff continued her tradition of lovely Malfoy family graphics with several posts featuring various members of the illustrious family. Her latest post, featuring Lucius, was just as beautiful as the others:

Be sure to check out both Avi's post and Phoebe's post to see all of their banners in their full size!

Meanwhile, many members have been sharing their artwork over at hh_sugarquill this term! Delphine (nearlyconscious) of Ravenclaw recently shared two digital drawings of Daphne Greengrass and Pansy Parkinson getting ready for the Yule Ball. Both images tell the story of these two lovers:

Muffin (muffinpatronus) of Gryffindor has been sharing her wonderful fanart all term, with her most recent drawing being of Slytherin's own Christa (c_hrista) and her beloved Ron Weasley:

Make sure you check out both Muffin's post and Delphine's post to see their art in full size, as well as to leave some comments about the beautiful images!

That's all for this edition of the Prophet; keep sharing your wonderful art, HiH, and next time, you could find yourself in the spotlight!

By interchanges

Things have been pretty busy over at Clubs since the beginning of the term. If you want to know what activites are running, be sure to check the weekly roundup or current tags at any time.

The biggest announcement of the term so far is that since hh_stmungos closed, we now have a new medical club, called Healers' Association of Hogwarts. The club will be led by Sam/pretty_panther of Hufflepuff, and we're looking forward to seeing what activities she will run.

Right now Clubs is looking for a new Ancient Runes leader, so if you want to apply, submit your application here by September 29.

Now let's talk about some of the fun activities that have been going on/are currently going on.

Owl Post Secret's Did You Hear? had us all making up rumors about things happening at Hogwarts earlier this month. Did you hear that Lucius Malfoy was caught making out with Snape during a quidditch match?

Over at Charms Club, we started the term with some Cheering Charms, aka making sigtags for each other. This one by gryffinwhore of Gryffindor really made me crave gummi bears.

In Ministry of Magic, we had fun talking about ministries in other countries, particularly their policies and perculiar ways of entering the Ministry. Make sure if you're visiting the French Ministry that you are dressed at the height of fashion!

Transfiguration Club's Mascot Conjuration had us drawing our mascot with our eyes closed, which led to some hilarious results.

by bergeronprocess of Hufflepuff

Meanwhile, over in Music Club we were busy stamping each other as composers. Thankfully flyingharmony gave us links to learn about the composers, in case we aren't as musically educated!

In Wizarding Wear, we made a tie for each house, which ended in a few amusing (and totally fashionable) ties.

Slytherin's tie

The Restricted Section had us writing Texts from Last Night based on books. I especially liked schizophrenic0 of Ravenclaw's submission: (134) Met the hottest girl last night! I was about to make my move, but her mom cockblocked :P She said she'll see me anon, though!" - Romeo Montague

Come on over to The Smarmy Society's Hipster TV activity and recommend a little-known show to a minor character. la_loony of Gryffindor thinks Bellatrix would love Nikita. What do you think? Head over to the activity and discuss!

Always thought Hogwarts needed another house? Submit your idea for the fifth house at Sorters Anonymous by September 29. Don't forget to sign the new roster!

Shutterbug Society has a new roster and a new banner! Congrats to surmise of Slytherin, tralfamadore of Ravenclaw, and flipflop_diva of Hufflepuff whose photos get to be displayed on the banner.

Isn't it pretty?

There are many more activities that have run and are currently running this month. Way too many for me to go into here! So be sure to come over to hh_clubs and have fun while earning points for your house!

By nickershnick25

Not much to report here except that there are two new Hogsmeade Mayors. Please welcome Ashleigh//smash_leigh and Isa//scatteredintime and feel free to offer any questions or comments to them at this post.

The first Hogsmeade Weekend of the term has been announced and it will be October 19-21. Ashleigh and Isa are taking suggestions for the theme so if you haven't already head over to this post and throw in your two cents.

Photo taken by la_loony

Animalistic Tendencies
Word has it that a certain upperclassmen in the Ravenclaw house has become an unregistered animagus. According to rumors, the student's animal form is that of a skunk and he caused quite a stink in the common room, requiring it to be aired out for a few days. No word yet on what disciplinary actions might be taken.

The Ministry of Magic was finally able to successfully raid the headquarters of a nefarious quill distribution center. Said black market ring was supplying unsuspecting students with quills that used up double the amount of ink. The Ministry discovered links between the group and a major ink supplier in England.

Professor's Romance?
Is there someone out there, competing for 'Hogwarts next OTP - Professor Edition'? We, until recently, thought their only emotions for each other would be best described as 'loathing' but now the Professors M. and S. apparently were spotted holding hands while walking out of Professor M.'s office. Could this be real or is it just a charade to confuse our correspondents? Who knows...

Photo taken by la_loony

Got gossip? Tell us here!

By babykid528


By shellzconlon

Huzzah, the first Horoscopes section of the new term! Now, we might have just missed her birthday, but I personally feel that we need a little spotlight on Hermione Granger. One, she's amazing. Two, she embodies her Virgo traits so perfectly.

Practical and analytical, Hermione is practically the poster child for Virgos. We see countless times in the series how Hermione has put her analytical skills to good use — figuring out Remus's "furry little problem" and discovering the truth about Rita Skeeter being two stand out examples. As for practicality, Hermione has shown that she has no time (or tolerance) for impractical things. Look at how well she adjusted to Divination! A subject that has no real practical use and Hermione is just. not. having. it. Virgos are also known for being able to focus their attention and have "the uncanny sense to see what's wrong with a person, a situation ..." This connects to Hermione's strong feelings about Crouch's treatment of Winky and the treatment of house elves in general. Not content to sit idly by, she creates S.P.E.W., doing what she can to fix the situation.

So here's to Hermione! Happy Birthday to a strong, all-around fantastic Virgo!

By scarletladyy

Welcome to the brand new term!

Before we get started on everything new and shiny, let's make sure we've covered all the news from last term. We have the results of the Reminisce! activity, where Hufflepuff came first with 60 points and Slytherin was second with 20 points. Well done, guys! We also have the results of Good Night (Good Bye), and we owe congratulations to la_loony of Gryffindor, misskitty373 of Hufflepuff and surmise of Slytherin, who came first, second and third respectively. Overall, Hufflepuff came first with 100 points while Slytherin took second with 50 points. Well done Badgers and Snakes!

The Friday Fives of last term were Five Things You're Going To Miss About Summer by surmise, where swimming, flip flops and summer fruits were the most likely to be missed, and Five Things You Hope Will Happen In The Programmes You Watch by interchanges, where Doctor Who, Gossip Girl and The Big Bang Theory were all talking points.

Social post wise, mmailliw posted Crack Stamping of Cities! If cities ever went to Hogwarts, what house would they be in?! There are some hilarious answers, so go on over and take a look!

The August Insomniac of the Month was announced, and we say congratulations to mmailliw of Slytherin! Well done! You received a lovely banner and earnt 50 points for your house! :D

Last but not least for August, we have some closing statements from last term's mod surmise. I think now is a good time to say thank you for everything you've done for the Insomniacs community — you were a great mod! :D

On that note, we journey into Term XXIV and welcome our new mod, lotrangel17! Congratulations, Steph! :D

Here is the Term XXIV Welcome Post along with the Question/Suggestion Post and a brand new Term Survey.

The first monthly activity of September was Bedtime Story, where your task was to write a story to help put us to sleep! Voting followed and results should be released soon. The first weekly activity was entitled Play A Game, and in the game you had to play, you had to see if you could make a rabbit jump. Results were released and Hufflepuff took first place with 80 points while Ravenclaw came in second with 50 points. Well done, guys!

The second monthly activity of September is Sudoku with a twist, where you need to play your normal Sudoku game but with symbols included! It's still open to take part in until 8am on Friday 28 September, so if you haven't done it yet, what are you waiting for?! The second weekly activity is Play A Game - Part Two, and the game for this week is Pocketful of Stars. It's also still open to play until 8am on Friday 28 September, so you've still got some time to earn your house some points!

September's Friday Fives are Five Things That Make You Laugh, Five Things You Do At The Weekend and Five Songs/Bands/Albums You Would Rec. If you haven't let us know your opinion on any of these topics yet, come and share with us! The more the merrier :D

We also have a couple of social posts, too! We have a sigtag conversation going on (and we all have hundreds of sigtags just sitting around in our folders!), and materpenitentia has shared her recipes for Cauldron Cakes and Butterbeer with us.

That's all for now, but please come and join us! Everyone is welcome :D Just remember to post between your local Insomniac hours of Midnight - 8am! :)

By la_loony

Hello everyone!

There are a few new shops on the block, so make sure you check out kitrinlu's shop Earthrise and Monocle from xsnarkasaurus. Sort of new ... gryffinwhore reopened 20% cooler.
Welcome to the shopkeeper world!

End of September is near and fall is coming! So let's see what the shops have to offer, now that we have the new Mini prompt theme "Back to Hogwarts" in combination with the "Villain" theme. So Hogwarts subjects and bad guys are a go.

magic_knickers added some Harry Potter ship tags and lovely stock to the catalog of her shop Fancy Free.

There are some great new tags at Charms from c_hrista, including everything everybody loves these days: Teen Wolf, Avengers and sushi!

flipflop_diva went with the season and added some fall tags and TV tags as well. Because everybody knows fall = tv season right? Check out her shop Happily Evermore

Because everybody is head over heels in love with Teen Wolf, jacklemmon now offers tags for the show as well, right at Polka will never die.

Halloween is coming! Get into the mood and order the first tags of the scary season at Black Rabbits from burningxhope.

beautifulbluee added some lovely Harry Potter tags to the catalog of Once upon a dream.

Quick promo for my own shop^^ I added some stock tags and more Three Musketeers. You can find them at The Button Hole.

Limina's slumber was inspired by awesome comic movies of this year, and she added a bunch of Spiderman and Batman tags to her shop.

awry stocked up Casterly Rock with superhero tags as well and added Avengers to her stock. And they are really awesome!

Awesometacular has some new tags from Rise of the Guardians and Back to the Future. Go and check out what muffinpatronus has made.

Cute animals, pretty stock and movie tags have been added to Memory Lane; make sure you check out what rosy_nic made ;)

isaac_of_nine also added amazing stock tags and fun Doctor Who ones as well. All can be found at Mind Palace Pieces.

If you are looking for super heroic manatees, Harry Potter and villain tags, you can find them all at elusive_j's Flight of Fancies.

rebel dived right into the theme for September/October and made lovely Hogwarts tags as well as general Harry Potter tags for Black Magic.

Under the new name Show me the stars, erzsebet stuffed her revamped catalog with amazing fandom tags; make sure to check them out!

flyingharmony has made 2 huge updates. Really. 115 tags total! Disney and amazing stock. Make sure to check them out at Amoureuses.

For the latest update at Aequitas, surmise used all different kind of pictures and provided a nice mix of tags, including Pokemon, celebs and video games.

autumn_mist added Hogwarts themed tags to her shop as well, and you can find a bunch of Supernatural tags at Accio Malfoy.

In the group of busy shop owners is also nowheretogo26w, who added a lot of tags to Secret Hideaway. There is everything there, Teen WOlf, Darren Criss, Hogwarts themed stock and Tangled. So something for everyone!

Last but not least on the tour is Honey Badger's Den from bergeronprocess who made a total of 4 updates! So there is a lot to order, make sure you check out all the lovely stock tags.

If seeing all of these awesome new tags inspired you to make your own, apply for a shop HERE today! There are currently 8 Gryffindor spots, 3 Hufflepuff spots, 5 Ravenclaw spots, and 1 Slytherin spot open.

That's all for this issue, happy shopping!

By lotrangel17

With the closing of hih_wilderness, all activities will now be at hih_animagus. Before we get to the new term, let's congratulate rebel of Slytherin who was the August Animagus of the Month. Before the end of the term, we welcomed some new Animagus: lucentvictrola, Miranda of Ravenclaw is a Delicate Mouse, caitieness, Caitie of Hufflepuff is a Maned Sloth, francesh51, Fran of Gryffindor is a Turkish Van, and autumn_mist, Krystal of Slytherin is an Ocelot.

For the new term, we were welcomed by Mods Emma/bergeronprocess and Chelsea/interchanges. The first batch of the term, September Batch #1, is posted here and you have until September 30 at 11 pm UTC (7 pm EDT) to get your votes in for these four applications. Let's start the term out with some great participation! September Monthly Activity has been posted here and is called My Summer/Winter Vacation. You have until September 30 at 11:59pm UTC to participate in this fun activity.

As always, we'd love to see applicants at hih_animagus. You've read it before, but here it is again, a quick recap of how to become a registered Animagus: Go to Flourish and Blotts and purchase The Standard Book of Spells, Volumes 1-5. Then, click on the application post and submit your application. Once your application is voted on and you get your choices, the last step is to write a small essay on how you are like your animal of choice and then submit it. It's easy and fun and we hope to see you in the new term!

Samuel Butler said, "All animals, except man, know that the principal business of life is to enjoy it."

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

Term XXIV, Issue 01                                                                                                                              Page 3

gryff_lions|Flourish Shoppes|Pirates
By x_____starlight

Welcome to a new term in the Tower! First, let's take a moment to thank Brina (brinchen86) for her hard work both last term and this term as prefect! She's still hanging around the Tower, so make sure you let her know how fabulous she was at leading our house!

With that, let's welcome Liz (erzsebet) and welcome back Alex (gryffinwhore) as our prefects for Term XXIV! You ladies are doing such a wonderful job thus far and will surely continue to lead us to victory!

Let's also take a moment to welcome all of our new cubs for the term: Emma (muhnemma) and Brooke (i_am_negotiable)!

So what's been happening the last few weeks? A LOT. Way back at the start of the month, we got a gift exchange post to get and give gifts!

Along that same line, this term instead of the traditional birthday band post with gift makers and all that, the prefects have decided to give one post for everybody on their actual birthday, where people can leave messages or presents or anything for the birthday person! So far, we celebrated Jay (chispas) on September 12 and Jackie (jackie) on September 13!

Liz has been busy making a really awesome guide to being awesome at graphics, so be sure to check it out for some great tips on being awesome without much effort (always great for a Gryffindor)!

We've also been pledging getting points this term! Sometimes maxing out every single week isn't an option, what with real life and all that, but pledging to do ANYTHING this term is still really helpful and really important! Head over to the pledge post to pledge to Father Godric whatever you can!

Remember that the In House is still going on until September 30 at 11:59PM UTC! There is one super random, super Gryffindor puzzle for you to complete as fast as you can! Seriously, this is a puzzle you need to see in its entirety, so go do it!

Thanks and congrats to all our Top Sorters from week 1: rhye, ledbylove, scevity, shellzconlon, anbyrobanby, gryffinwhore, coolceruleanblu, retroviral, eowyn_rain, erzsebet, mzmtiger, capeofstorm, star55, blackestbird, magic_knickers, klef, bloodstaindnght, tigera4j, brinchen86, la_loony, lovestyle, and polarlucky. Also a big thanks and congrats to our Star Sorter that week, Alicia (blackestbird)!

And thanks and congrats to the Top Sorters from week 2: rhye, retroviral, x_____starlight, lexispice, coolceruleanblu, scevity, brinchen86, prongsy, frickkonastick, gryffinwhore, muhnemma, erzsebet, klef, isaac_of_nine, mzmtiger, bloodstaindnght, shellzconlon, anbyrobanby, sestra, la_loony, and tigera4j. And a big thanks and congrats to our Star Sorter for this week, Alexandra (coolceruleanblu)!

Finally, I leave you with a message from our prefects…

the_puff_house|Flourish Shoppes|Puffs of the Round Table
By kaitydid33087

Hello there Pufffies! Hope you're having a great start to your term! It looks like things are going great for us so far! Keep up the hard work! Let's go for that House Cup for a second term in a row! I know we can do it guys! LETS DO IT!

We've got lots going on around the House! We're voting on a new unofficial mascot, so won't you come on over and vote! for your favorite! It looks like Unicorns and Honey Badgers have a strong lead right now! With Pikachu, the Pokemon, following close behind! So won't you come on over and vote?

We also have had a couple of new bb Badger's recently! YAY! :D Our newest bb is juxtaposed_arb; if you haven't said hello yet, be sure you do!

We're also doing a Gift Exchange! I don't know about you, but gift exchanges are one of my favorite things! If you haven't signed up, you still have time to do so right here!.

And speaking of sign ups! We also have signups for the Birthday Squad! Be sure to do so here!

Got something you're excited about? Sad about? Frustrated about? Come on over to our social post and tell us about it!

Hope you're all doing great! Keep up the fantastic work! WE CAN WIN THE CUP AGAIN PUFFIES! I KNOW IT!

ravenclaw_house|Flourish Shoppes|Vikings
By slumber

Hello, everyone! I'll be taking over Claw Corridor for the Daily Prophet this term. We're nearly three weeks in and there's a lot to catch up on!

First off, let's welcome all the beagles who have joined the tower since our last issue: hello, Jordan//evercharmer, Jeff//pcdrumstamper, Delphine//nearlyconscious, Ryan//mustardjam, Jacquelyn//lilpalpitation, and Claire//muku_muku! We're thrilled to have you with us and look forward to getting to know you all more, so if you haven't yet, go on ahead and introduce yourselves. :)

The new term also brings with it new officials. Let's welcome back Patricia//bookishgeek, who is returning to Prefect us, and Jude//tralfamadore, who is prefecting with her! All our thanks and love to Allison//pinksonia, who made sure things ran ever so smoothly with Patricia. Thanks, Allison. Jude, excited to have you and Patricia heading our fleet of Viking ships this term!

Congratulations to the following Claws for their officials positions:

Whew, that's a type-ful. XD Congratulations everyone! Is it possible to overabuse exclamation marks? Yes? No? SORRY NOT SORRY.

Now that those are out of the way, let's see what SRS BUSINESS CLAWFFICIAL (har har) things we need to catch up on:

But apart from the official stuff, a lot of things are going on around the CR too:

Lordy lordy that's a lot of lists and not enough gifs. <.< >.>

Just remember, Claws: STAY CLAWESOME.

cunningfolk|Flourish Shoppes|Vampire
By c_hrista

Welcome to the shiny new Slytherins who have joined us recently: Rhane/rhaneofterror, Kate/spiralstairs, Lita/terramona, & Meni/glass! We also welcome back Lova/munanna & Veeka/quiescent! We'll be sure to take good care of you, with the guidance of our own Prefects Phoebe/rebel & Krystal/autumn_mist!

Congratulations to the Slytherins who have placed places: William/mmailliw was 3rd for WB's Dialog Only challenge, Mia/ansera was 2nd for Death Eater's Summer Spent and Christa/c_hrista was 2nd for COMC's Lost Pets! Sorted Challenge also showed some snakey-icon love: Phoebe/rebel placed 2nd in the header challenge!

For clubs, Slytherin snagged the most points in the following activities: Ministry of Magic's Let's Internationalize, Smarmy Society's Minor Appeals, Potions Club's Potion Jams, & COMC's Lost Pets.

And a warm happy birthday to September's birthday snakes: Katie/intrepidy, Stephie/deirdre_aithne, Blaine/sleepyjean, Cattie/cattiechaos, & Nikki/corvyie! MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE AND HAVE A SNAKE CAKE.

Amongst the cool things that are happening in our outside-HiH lives! Pixie/nobodymove recently got the coolest Slytherin tattoo. And we've demonstrated some House Unity, too! Flo/hecatescurse hung out in Baltimore, MD with Chelsea/interchanges of Ravenclaw, while Christa/c_hrista met up with some Gryffindors in Alexandria, VA (Ana/sparkle_fingers & Jess/rhye) for Thai food and frozen yogurt. There's been some house bonding, too, though: Mia/ansera & Cattie/cattiechaos got to have some library bar fun (omfg LIBRARY BAR BOOKS AND BOOZE!? BEST THINGS) at their uni in Edinburgh.

Speaking of school, Veeka/quiescent graduated from college and has started her own product design firm. And William/mmailliw reports, "On Thursday, I am completing phase 2 of a ten-timezone move where I utilize my PhD to exert influence over two hundred and ten students at the same time." Ashe/rusalchka was accepted to and starts Phlebotomy school at the beginning of October — soon, she'll be a PROFESSIONAL vampire, practically!

And in hobby-talk, Denise/awry has been reading so many books (55 so far, with a goal of 60) and is even ahead of her pre-set schedule with it!

Overall, it's nearly fall in this part of the world and I'm looking forward to pumpkin pie and apple cider and hayrides and HOODIES ALL THE HOODIES

On that note, Slytherins, if there's something you'd like to share in this column (real-life achievements, big news in your own life, etc) leave a comment here and I'll be sure it's included in the next edition!

If you would like to write an article for a future issue of the Daily Prophet, please comment at the signup sheet.

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  • Remember me?

    Just thought I should say this, I'm leaving this community for academic reasons. Hih was fun during the year I was here. Thanks to those who made my…

  • ...

    So, I've been bouncing backwards and forwards on this for a while now, and have finally made a decision. I'm leaving HIH. I really think it's for…

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    I'm sorry everyone, but I just don't have the time that I would like to have to devote to this community. I haven't been able to be especially active…