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New Voting System

Starting this term, a new voting system will be in place.

Rather than posting applications every day, I will post them Sunday through Thursday. Not only does this give me a bit of a break, but it allows you to catch up on voting during the weekend, and will also allow me to send a few more applications through the queue. All applications posted that week will be stamped the following Sunday.

Also starting this term, I will be keeping track of the top voters. The high voter for each house will earn 10 knuts, and the highest voter overall will earn an additional 25 points for their house. Additionally, those who vote on every application that week will earn a bonus of 5 knuts and five house points (No Votes do get counted as well).

There's also something I feel I need to address. I know occasionally you guys will forget to sign your name and house -- I sympathize, because I do it too on occasion. However, starting now, instead of posting a comment under your vote with your name and house, I'd appreciate it if you instead delete the comment and post a new one with all of the correct information. It'd make things so much easier for me when tallying points. Thanks. :)

I've also written a FAQ for platform_934 because I have too much time on my hands I've had various issues pop up via email and thought it might be helpful.

The Platform 9 3/4 Sorting Community FAQ

1. How do I get sorted?

It's easy -- just copy and paste the application from the userinfo page, and answer all of the questions with as much detail as possible. Do not remove the bold tag or the LJ cut -- however, you may change the LJ cut text. You also must be a member of platform_934 to submit your application. At the top of the community info page, there will be a statement that says "To join this community, click here. You may leave the community at any time." Click there to join the community.

2. Okay, I've finished my application. So how do I post it?

At the top of the page, under the "Journal" menu, click Update as if you were posting in your own journal. Post your application where you would normally type an entry. There is a menu at the bottom that says "Post To"; go there and select platform_934 from the menu, then click Update Journal. That's it! Your entry has been submitted. Occasionally, you will receive a message telling you that the queue is full; if this occurs, you'll have to wait until the time more applications are approved and posted and try again.

3. When will my application be posted?

It could be posted the next day, or even up to a week from the date of submission -- it all depends on how many other applications are in the queue, so please be patient. :)

4. Oh no! I've made a mistake in my application and need to edit it, but it hasn't been posted yet. What do I do?

You have two options here. One is to e-mail me ( and have me delete your application that's currently in the queue. When you've made all your corrections, you can resubmit. Your second option is to wait for your application to be posted and edit it then.

5. When do I get stamped?

You will be stamped the Sunday after your application was posted. You will know when you see a message stating which house you've been sorted into, a house graphic, and a link to your common room. Once you see that message, you can begin sorting others, and participating in hogwartsishome and all of its subcommunities.

6. What can I do if I get a lot of muggle/no votes? (meaning, the majority of your votes consist of either of these):

Again, there are two options:

a. You can edit it and provide the necessary details. If the three day period is nearly up and you still don't have enough votes for a house, I will post a notice to the main community to call for more votes. When you edit, make sure to leave a message saying you've edited somewhere in your application (preferably in the subject line, the beginning, or the end of it).

b. Submit a new application. If I receive the revised version before 6 PM CST on Thursday, I will delete the old application and post the new one as soon as I can. Otherwise, your application will be bumped to the back of the queue.

7. Why can't I reply to comments?

In the past, replies to comments have caused some drama, not to mention it's easier for me to tally votes when I don't have to sift through so many extraneous comments. If you think you're being flamed, do not reply -- contact myself or another official and we will take care of it (if one of us hasn't caught it already).

8. I don't feel like I belong in the house I was sorted into. Is it possible for me to switch houses?

You can always submit an appeal; simply go to the community hih_appeals and follow the instructions listed in the userinfo.

9. I was a member of hogwartshouses before the community was deleted. Do I need to be resorted?

No, of course not. :) Go to your house roster, located in the userinfo of hogwartsishome and leave a comment. I will add you to the house roster once I verify that you were indeed a member of hogwartshouses. If you still want to be resorted, you can do so, but you must include a note in the application that states you've read this FAQ, and that you used to be in HH.

10. I keep getting a message saying the queue is full when I try to submit.

If you see this message, save your application and wait until more are posted. New applications are posted every Sunday-Thursday, usually around 6-6:30 PM CST.

11. I have an additional question/problem that isn't covered here.

Contact me at, and I will address your concern to the best of my ability.

That's all I have. :)

Kristi, Ravenclaw
Voting Manager / Appeals Mod
Tags: platform, term ii, useful

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