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Alright, ladies and gents, it's now time for our July Debate!

This topic is interesting! Controversial! Emotion-packed! Really, really awesome! So, I hope you're all as excited as me.

Quick run-down of the rules:

1. For your comment to be counted and earn points, it must contain at least five sentences. And by five sentences, I mean five complete sentences.
2. You may debate any side you want. In fact, feel free to debate one side, then flop to the other, then flop right back. Whatever suits you.
3. This is a non-speculation debate. This subject in particular is bound to draw up some comments of "Well, i feel..". Let's not. You may use the point if you've got proof. (ie., point out when someone's actions were misconstrued to look one way, but were really another.. etc.) You don't, however, have to provide said proof at the time of the debate. And yes, I realize that some spec points will slip through, and that's fine. I just don't want the whole of your debate to be your personal opinions.
4. No arguing. Period.
5. You MUST sign all comments. An unsigned comment earns you no points. If you fail to sign it, delete the comment immediately and repost with your tag on it. Failure to do so means, once again, no points

If you've got any questions, please post them to my post below. Not this one. I will not be recieving the comments immediately, so it is likely that I will just plain not see your questions or concerns. Or, contact me on AIM at Mohawkalahka.

And now, on to the main event:


In the Potterverse, some characters are good. Some characters are bad. There is a good amount of black and white when it comes to one's alignment. But in the same respects, grey areas exist. An example of such would be Professor Snape, who has been known to flirt the line quite a bit- only to come out clean.
Your job is to come to a strong and swift conclusion and answer the age-old question:
Is Professor Snape our friend or foe?

Please Note: Chances of HBP storyline being mentioned here are extremely high. Please proceed with caution if you do not wish to be spoiled.
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