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The Goblet Of Fire Movie

Last Friday I attended the Comic Con in San Diego where I was lucky enough to see a taped presentation from the director of GoF , Mike Newell, and a very special extended trailer, put together exclusively for those of us at the con, which Newell stated will not be shown anywhere else. It was rather lengthy, so I saw quite a bit. Some of the CGI work was even unfinished.

If anyone is interested in reading about it, feel free to visit this entry in my journal.

Although there is nothing new to readers of the book, if you are wishing to remain completely unspoiled for the film you should avoid this. In addition, in this entry there are photographs of Natalie Portman, puppets and sets from Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride that are considered to be SPOILERS for The Corpse Bride . Consider yourselves warned ;)
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