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Hello Everybody!

Hi Dr. Nick...


Ok...a few reminders...

1. The last day for the text contest is the 22nd...don't forget!!!

2. I will be picking the SPEW leader sometime this be on the lookout.

3. If you are a club leader and have not done a club activity since the beginning of the month you are under warning as of now. If a club activity is not done by the end of the month you will lose the title of club leader and the job will be up for grabs. There are a few clubs that haven't been active in months and I'm going to fix that before handing over the Club-Mod spot to another. I'm not making them clean up the mess.

4. Umm...actually I think thats it for now. XD

I hope everyone that got a chance to read the HBP enjoyed it...XD ::huggles spoilers since she hasn't read it yet::

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