Keri (keristars) wrote in hogwartsishome,

More Alternate Hogwarts Candybar Dolls

With all the kerfluffle of the HBP coming out tonight, well, I seem to have missed the newsletter and instead have been investing most of my time in trying to figure out why my dolls look so good on my laptop, but have oversaturated, dark colors on my mom's computer (which has the internet access).

At any rate, I posted here a month or so ago with some alternate Hogwarts uniforms, promising to have more Houses represented shortly, because, well, it seems everyone likes to use dolls in their sig banners here, and there aren't all that many Hogwartsy-colored clothes that aren't specifically uniforms. Well, while doing that, I also finished making the additional skin tones and boy dolls, too!

Since I did Hufflepuff last time, here are the other houses. All the late additions have been fairly monochromatic, mostly putting both House color options up and making sure they don't look horrible. :) I'm planning to add another dress, skirts and capris for the girls and more shirt options and jeans for the boys. I'll probably create a robe, too, when I get better at shadows and folds of cloth. I don't like the Hogwarts_Honey ones. :P


See all the variations and other options at my website, And, please, if you have suggestions, I'd love to hear them, especially tips on getting shadows for fabric folds right. Too bad my family won't stand still long enough for me to do sketches!

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