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Hi all.

Just a bit of a heads-up for you all. Apparently a store (Great Canadian Superstore?) in Coquitlam BC accidentally sold six copies of HBP today. They are asking the people who purchased the copies to please return them, in exchange for a ton of free stuff, including signed copies of books, etc. However, figured I'd post a little heads up that spoilers may be headed your way very soon.

This was apparently just on CTV, however the story is not yet on their website, and I wasn't watching, but other family members were.

EDIT: So, actually saw the report this time.
1) It was Stupidstore (apologies to any and all Superstore employees etc)
2) It actually happened on the 7th.
3) There were 14 copies sold. (though some say 15)
4) Several copies have been returned (FOOLS!)
5) This was the apparent cause of the BC Supreme Court granting Raincoast, Bloomsbury, & JKR a 'John/Jane Doe' injunction.
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